GoJentha, a nuVizz Company: A hallmarked logistics technology enabler for people movement, package movement and field movement services

Sashidhar Maruvada, Managing Director, . GoJentha

GoJentha, a nuVizz Company: A hallmarked logistics technology enabler for people movement, package movement and field movement services

If you’re not already thinking about enterprise mobility, you should be. While the world is on the mobile move, enterprises are adopting the technology quick as a wink, turning it imperative for the business owners to work in a progressive way by endorsing enterprise mobility solutions. Inspired by this, in the spirit of a unique collaboration, the trio of Gururaj Rao, Anantha Rao and Sudhakar Maruvada brought nuVizz into the spotlight as a valuable opportunity to set expectations and make a mark in the spectrum of mobile logistics. Over the years, the organization has transformed itself into a continually innovating and evolving corporation whose deeper forays into further research resulted in cutting-edge enterprise-grade products that cater to people movement, package movement, and field movement services.

Peaking the performance

nuVizz’s initial steps were laid back in 2011 and today, the firm stands an award-winning leading-edge enterprise mobile logistics technology provider, which disrupted the traditional way of delivery/transportation management, fueled by its cutting-edge mobile technologies. The top cream of the organization nestles a cumulative expertise of more than 60+ years interwoven from various industry verticals such as retail, consumer goods, healthcare & life sciences, e-commerce and 3rd party logistics amongst others. The company has branched out its presence in different corners of the world with its primary headquarter in Atlanta. nuVizz does understand that customer loyalty isn’t something a business can gain overnight. Hence, the focus has always been to deliver a measurable value through its solutions and products that resonate with the customers.

The organization has built its customer base across the B2B and B2C industry verticals such as CPG, Retail, Delivery & Transportation, Parcel & Courier, Warehousing, and Healthcare, offering targeted user-friendly SaaS-based mobile applications.

The initial entrance was daunting for nuVizz. Investing in the enterprise mobility stream with the goal and determination to provide customers with the highest standard and quality solution was an ongoing, long-term commitment.” In this  commitment of delivering  the best services and provide value to its consumer base, the company has nurtured its biggest asset, the “Vizzards” in the best possible way. Every member of the team from marketing, sales, solution consultants, customer champions, product management and R&D contribute immensely to our customer’s success saga.

GoJentha’s Outset

After a series of deep delving analysis, the company discovered the need to take further steps to increase the efficiency of enterprise mobility. When the enterprise app world was dominated by B2C apps, the enterprise field looked fertile to sprout nuVizz’s vision and the organization ushered in as a prime mover in deploying a cloud-based platform combining all the ingredients (MDM, App SDK, Middleware, App Developers, Mobile Consulting, Integration) in a single vendor engagement, an industry’s first. To further enhance and firm its roots in India and Asia-Pacific regions, nuVizz carved out its crown jewel GoJentha as a robust single window mobile platform that manages all the three stakeholders namely Vendors, Transport Companies and Customers with seamless integration and visibility to support People Movement, Package Movement, and Field Movement services. GoJentha platform brings in mCore at the basic infrastructure level that consists of Mobile device management, Solution Development Kit (SDK), Company App Store and Mobile Analytics Layer, instantly deployable micro-apps that are device independent, all of which eventually providing flexibility and speed.

On the other hand, mCloud (mobile Cloud) platform provides its customers with all the advantages of cloud computing to host these solutions with security and high availability.

GoJentha Logistics is one of the stars from the galaxy of nuVizz, which is an easy-to-use app for iOS/Android and ideal for carriers, couriers, shippers, and 3PLs seeking real-time visibility and automation for the entire delivery process.

“GoJentha Logistics” encompasses an endearing message of our platform story – which is ‘Deliver goods, Deliver services, Deliver productivity, Deliver workforce management… in short Go DeliverIt.”

GoJentha Transport offers intuitive and powerful passenger ride management portal and iOS/Android app, ideal for Employee or Student transportation services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers, concierge and taxi services in a simple mobile app.

GoJentha Care offers Home healthcare and Laboratory service providers an extension of their services to doorsteps with seamless integration with our cloud-based mobile technology platform that is HIPAA and SSAE – 16 compliant. The platform provides for field tracking, visibility to patients, point of care documentation and payment handling.

GoJentha Field provides eyes to the field. Ideal for Financing, Banking, Insurance Pharma and FMCG verticals, companies can have full visibility on your field activity and provide real-time support to enhance productivity. Ensure information capture in real time for huge reduction of Turn-Around-Time (TAT).

nuVizz Timeline

2011 nuVizz Founded

2011 SCM Consulting Launched

2014 Logistics Platform “DeliverIt” Launched

2015 Vehicle Moving Platform “Vhemo” Launched

2015 People Movement Platform Launched

2017 GoJentha Launched for India and AsiaPac Markets

Awards & Recognition

  • TIE Top Entrepreneurs 2016
  • Georgia Top 10 Most Innovative Companies 2016 at Georgia Technology Summit
  • Food Logistics 2015 Top Green Providers
  • Listed Under 20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Providers 2014 

Future plans in India

Enterprise Mobility and cloud computing will continue to be the big investments for businesses over the likely horizon. GoJentha will continue to provide innovative solutions to the logistics and people movement verticals by building easy to use business-ready apps targeting across all the industries. The efforts will be towards providing comprehensive solutions covering the gaps that can be left to the imagination of the IT and operations departments. We are achieving a great year on year growth in overseas markets and hope to replicate the same in India. It’s important to have a vision for where one wants to go, but in this age of technology evolution, one should be willing to pivot and try different things to get to that vision.

The Director’s Periscope

Sashidhar Maruvada

Managing Director

Entrepreneurship is the most fulfilling and satisfying endeavor.  At the same time, it is not for the faint-hearted. If you believe in your idea and willing to work for it, you will find success. Perseverance, experimentation, taking criticism in good stead and improvisation are the key ingredients for any entrepreneur.

A Business Leader, strategist, innovator & enabler, Sashidhar is a seasoned persona who possess 16 years of expertise in organizational strategy, business development, operations and P & L management. His proven competence lies in setting up as well as turning around businesses while scaling them up into sustainable & profitable operations.  Prior to GoJentha, Sashidhar has worked extensively in healthcare field across US & Indian Markets.

Sashidhar holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Illinois State University, IL USA and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Business from Andhra University, India.

Sashidhar Maruvada, Managing Director, . GoJentha