Bharathi Cements: Embodiment of Vicat’s excellence in India

Anoop Kumar Saxena - Chief Executive Officer, Vicat India Operations, Bharathi Cement

Bharathi Cements: Embodiment of Vicat’s excellence in India

Indian Cement industry is huge and it exists as the second largest manufacturer of cement with a great production capacity that goes beyond 420 million tonnes. With India emerging as one of the top trade and business hubs all over the globe, the sector is poised to play a vital role not only in driving the growth of Indian economy but also as a contributor to the global economic development. Not to mention, the huge potential for growth in this industry itself has been largely supported by investments from global leaders. Encouraged by the initiatives from Indian government, foreign investments have remarkably redefined the tenets of cement manufacturing in India.

Vicat Group is the France based pioneering leader in cement, concrete and special products having presence in 11 countries. The company belongs to the family of Mr. Louis Vicat, the inventor of artificial cement. Vicat Group brought in India the expertise embraced in its legacy of 200 years with its flagship brand, Bharathi Cements. The Group operates two manufacturing firms under the single brand ‘Bharathi Cement’ to reinforce the brand’s performance and identity. Since its foundation, the brand has established a strong presence across seven states in India operating along three verticals – Cement, Aggregates and Polymers. With 186 warehouses and two high end manufacturing units in Kadappa and Kalaburagi, Bharathi Cements is enabled with an impressive combined production capacity of 7.75 MTPA. Its dynamic capabilities also include a strong network of more than 3000 dealers and partners across Pan India that has been successful in extending the brand’s reach to every corner of the country.

Journey to Brand eminence

Vicat’s journey in India began when it entered into a joint venture with Sagar cements in 2008 for 53% stake. The jointly owned company started its first production line with capacity for 2.75 million tons per year at the end of 2012. The joint venture was renamed as Kalburgi cements in 2015 after 100% stakeholding by the group in 2015. In 2010, the Group acquired a controlling stake of 51% in Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited. Partnership with Vicat empowered Bharathi Cement to mark its presence as a leader in the Indian Cement Market by carving a niche for itself in the premium segment.  It propelled the company’s multidimensional growth allowing it to reach a strong position in the market and emerge as a powerful cement brand.

Today, Bharathi Cements has been hailed as a frontrunner among others for setting new standards in Indian landscape of cement manufacturing through application of advanced technology and performance excellence. The touch of Vicat’s excellence has vested the brand with some of the best practices that have been regarded as many firsts in the industry. It has been recognized as the most promising brand for cement production in Asia for its robust capabilities that chiefly include state of the art infrastructure for production as well logistics; Robotic quality control and strict adherence to efficient processes acquired through manufacturing excellence programs. Besides, both the manufacturing locations are aggressive in the usage of alternative fuels especially recycled from wastage in Pharma industry and municipal waste. Bharathi Cements has been acknowledged at various forums for standards of housekeeping, environment and green cover at both manufacturing locations.Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has recognized the firm as Excellent Energy Efficient Unit for both manufacturing plants. Also, it bagged CII’s Excellence Award in Environment, Health & Safety. 

Brand merit

  • First in industry to introduce ‘Robotic Quality Control’ for cement and ‘Laminated PP Bags’ for cement packaging
  • Industry best practices in terms of usage of alternate fuels, environment standards and green belt coverage
  • Strong focus on continuous improvement in energy consumption and mineral conservation under manufacturing excellence programs
  • Pioneered two wheeler based technical support service along with existing four wheeler based support service
  • State of the art infrastructure for logistics at plant; RFID based manless weighing systems and excellent parking yards with amenities for truck drivers which is rare in industry

Future vision

Vicat’s strategic vision for Bharathi Cements encompasses spreading of the brand’s footprints overseas along with expansion of portfolio towards consolidation of its leadership. In 2018, the firm is all set to establish a bulk terminal in Srilanka and a rail based bulk terminal in Mumbai to cater to rising demand of cement. The year 2018 is assured to witness the launch of two new innovative products in the emerging segments of Rapid hardening cement and Special premium cement.

Dynamic Leadership

Markus Oberle – Chairman, Vicat India operations

A veteran economist, Markus brings with him profound expertise that spans three and a half decades in varied business sectors. He has a reputation for his dynamic leadership skills as well as thought leadership. He has held some key positions in the managerial and administrative functions around the world in Food, Consulting and Construction. His remarkable career holds expertise in the area of finance & business operations focusing on constant improvement in productivity and bringing synergies in various business functions. He has been with Vicat group since last two decades and acted as a Country Head in Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and CIS-countries (Moscow). In 2010, he was appointed as Country Head for Vicat subsidiaries operations in India and also appointed as Managing Director for Bharathi Cement. He started his second tenure in February’14 as the Chief Executive Officer of Vicat India Operations. In July 2017, he was given the responsibilities of steering the Vicat India operations as its Chairman.

Anoop Kumar Saxena – Chief Executive Officer, Vicat India Operations

Anoop’s successful career encompasses stints with global leaders such as Lohia Sterlinger and ACC Cements (Holcim Group Company). He was appointed as a Director for Kalburgi Cement in March’12. Subsequently in January’13 he took the responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer. And in July 2017, he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for Vicat India operations.During his tenure at ACC, he led the organisation to an unprecedented growth in plant operations and achieved a significant turnaround of various low profitable units. He has a vast experience in handling large projects and has been instrumental in erecting & commissioning of “World’s Largest Clinker Production line” at ACC Wadi. Dynamic leadership, excellent people management skills, decision making ability and team building traits are some of the highlights that adorn his career profile. Having an exposure to Global Leadership, he believes in systems & process oriented approach. Under his visionary leadership, the group companies of Vicat in India are progressing every day towards excellence and have successfully established a firm footing in India competing with leading players pan India. He represented India at the “Green Energy Implementation in Cement industry in India” at Yokohama, Japan. He has attended the Leadership Coaching at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland and also at ISB, Hyderabad. He is a Mechanical Engineer from MITS, Gwalior and holds a Post Graduate in Industrial Engineering & Process Optimisation from National Institute in Industrial Engineering (NITIE) – Powai, Mumbai.

Anoop Kumar Saxena - Chief Executive Officer, Vicat India Operations, Bharathi Cement