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Bradford Aviation: Analyzing and disseminating operating efficiencies ofaviation industry -the business of airports, airlines,service providers − large and small, from all over the world to accomplish their goals; A win-win opportunity for all involved.


Bradford Aviation: Analyzing and disseminating operating efficiencies ofaviation industry -the business of airports, airlines,service providers − large and small, from all over the world to accomplish their goals; A win-win opportunity for all involved.

To be the nurturing land of ‘first predilection’ by converting lives that will amend the world for the betterment, at whatever level of human endeavor they are involved”-Sudhimon K, Founder, Bradford Aviation

Yesteryears have already caught the glimpse of Aviation Industry growing almost twice in size. With the positivity in passengers’ numbers, the growth has ushered a chief challenge in the fast-evolving global technological scenario- a great demand for technical professionals and a large human resource to make sure that there are enough aviation experts i.e. ground personnel’s, cockpit crew, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, engineers and aircraft maintenance specialists to shore the industry demands. This elevated demand can be attributed to the tremendous growth of the aviation sector and growing competition with other industry sectors for skilled employees, conventional learning methodologies and lack of harmonization of competencies in some aviation disciplines and accessibility to affordable training. The Indian aviation industry is the third largest aviation market harvests highly lucrative careers and thus is a major attraction amongst the youth of India.

With a cumulative expertise of over 100 years, Bradford Aviation. has initiated to cater the growing demands prevalent and set forth to multiply on an immediate basis. The team behind Bradford has extensive expertise working for and setting newtrends in the operation and management of Airport & Airline Services across the globe.

To remove the bottlenecks and to address the forecast shortage of aviation professionals, Bradford Aviation commissioned its voyage in the aviation training in 2014 from Yelahanka, Bengaluru. Bradford Aviation Academy – the aviation enthusiasts, imparts professional training to aspirants from different parts of the country, with its continuous operation since then, Bradford Aviation as a platform has assisted the aviation community as a whole, in educating and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals.

Bradford Product Portfolio

As Air travel continues to increase in a global scale, airports all over are seeking innovative ideas to enhance passenger experience and streamline airport operation.

We maybe just three years old but Bradford as a gateway to the world of aviation has already made a big impression by our offerings which include

Aviation Consultingand Research

         Common User Self Service promotion

         Runway occupancy Time monitoring

         Airport SQ Surveys

         ASQ Audit support

         Fog contingency Plan

Staffing Solutions

         Greenfield Airports


         Ground Handling Agencies

Aviation Training

         Greenfield Airport Operations

         Brownfield Airport Operations

         Intl. Airhostess Training

         Internship with industry pioneers

         Degreewith Aviation – with partnered colleges

Regulatory and recurrent training

         Advanced airport operations

         Pilot /crew regulatory training

         CRM training – flight crews

         SMS training – flight crews, and ground staffs

         Human factors training – engineers and ground staffs

         DGR – awareness

Allied Training

         Communication and Personality Development

         IELTS, TOEFL, and ELP

         Soft Skills

         Career counselling 

Meeting the industry’s projected needs Today

“Big enough to give access to great academic resources, but small enough to give its aspirants individual attention”

Aviation Industry has become a significant economic engine facilitating an integrated multi-modal flow of people, goods, information, and capital. Airports are no longer just a place to embark and disembark people or load and unload cargo.

“The world is focused on Indian aviation – from manufacturers, tourism boards, airlines and global businesses to individual travelers, shippers, and businessmen. If we can find common purpose among all stakeholders in Indian aviation, a bright future is at hand” said Mr. Tony Tyler, former Director General, and CEO, International Air Transport Association (IATA).

His words well explain the growth and opportunities in Indian aviation. Bradford Aviation Academy is a specialized team which aims in elevating the overall quality and efficiency of airports through the development of comprehensive training solutions. Bradford Aviation Academy organizes customized development programs aimed at improving the overall competency and efficiency of employees in the aviation industry. The knowledge and skills imparted in the Academy’s courses are based on lessons learned and best practices from around the world. Instructors include people who have first-hand experience in airport /airline operations. Bradford has the thorough-bred professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Aviation Domain. Which has helped in attracting, educating and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals This also is a major factor for our future Alumni to benefit from.

A World Business Partner with Airports Council International (ACI), Bradford is one of the few academy in India providing training in Greenfield Airport operations – the latest model airports worldwide. The institute stands to offer a coordinated Internship programfor all its operational courses.apart from the fact that placements and affiliated certifications are of the highest order.

Regulatory requirements like DGR, SMS,