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“Goals101 is the Most Intelligent & Effective Marketing Platform in the World.” – Milan Naik, MD & Co-Founder, Goals101


“Goals101 is the Most Intelligent & Effective Marketing Platform in the World.” – Milan Naik, MD & Co-Founder, Goals101

Marketing without the right data is like gambling & that too with eyes closed. If you think, Google and Facebook are the only warehouses for intelligent data, think again! Banks are the biggest warehouse of the most potent data in the world, storing trillions of untapped customer behavior data points. With access to daily transactions data and an understanding of spending patterns of their customers, banks are owners of the most precious data in the ecosystem.

Goals101 is aggregating and channeling this untapped and hugely relevant data to enhance banking experience by making the brands connect with their customer in a personalized, intelligent manner and based on interests and relevance.

Creating the differentiator: Revolutionizing brands’ connection with their customers via Banks

Goals101 is founded up by alums from Harvard Business School, IIT & IIM and seasoned Financial Services leaders, & is positioned as a ‘FinTech & Consumer-Tech venture intending to disrupt the banking customer experience by aggregating non-sensitive transaction data and in a very intelligent way working with Brands to make smarter marketing decisions. The platform is one of the most progressive and evolved Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning platform in the World, for Brands to communicate with their most relevant existing and potential customers. Goals101 provides its brand partners the strongest vector in the marketing world to target these customers – Intelligence derived from actual transaction information, customer behavior and spending patterns.  Goals101 plans to revolutionize the way brands connect with their customers and in a collaborative manner help achieve superior measurable results for all stakeholders.Goals101, for brands, is moving the conversation from “Spray and Pray” to “Hyper Marketing, via the most trusted partner one has – his/her own Bank”.

According to Milan Naik, “For brands today one of the biggest dilemmas is to get to a desirable and productive marketing/media mix, so they could communicate with their targeted customers, and drive loyalty. Goals101 addresses this problem by leveraging off purchase-based intelligence and getting brands to effectively communicate with customer segments as defined by them, through the Bank.

The other big marketing challenge our model addresses for marketers is of Attribution. For all efforts and investments made by brands, our tech platform gives them an end to end understanding of results through productivity and ROI dashboards. For brands, this is extremely important for exercising marketing choices.”

Balancing and Managing the Ecosystem – Banks, Brands & Customers

Mr. Naik further speaks, “Through our platform, we deliver deep insights to our banking and brand partners into customer behavior and preference and with them co-create and extend compelling offers, but based on relevance and customer interests. Our platform helps brands to curate multiple campaigns with varied communication basis customers purchase behavior and profile. Our platform looks at data beyond purchase behavior within a category, by running multiple correlations, our recommendation engine gives brands a deeper understanding of the customer’s interest beyond what they know. So clearly, no one fits all approach – It’s all about Hyper Targeting and Hyper Relevance based engagement.

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For our banking partners, their intent is to drive stronger engagement with their customers and to delight them with offers which are of interest to them. A hyper targeted and compelling proposition from a brand is what drives that. As Goals101 gives brands an opportunity to reach out to the most relevant customer segments, that too at an aggregated level across banks, gives them enough reason to extend their most compelling offers to us.

Given the above, our model is win-win for our entire stakeholder’s group, The Banks, The Brands and of course The Customers – In some way, the model is self-fulfilling.”

Vision for the business &Progress Thus Far

As it’s popularly known, “Data is the new oil” and the vision for Goals101 is in line with that very thought, i.e. to be “The most intelligent and powerful data aggregator in the world, which delivers sustainable and superior results for all our stakeholders”.

Courtesy our cutting-edge tech platform and strong and experienced team, the response from the banks and brands have been overwhelming. In 5 months of our commercial launch, we have partnered with 9 leading Private sector and MNC banks and are in active discussions with other leading banks in India. These partnerships give us to access over 75mn data points. The plan is to have over 300mn cards on our platform in the next 3-6 months – Our current discussions with prospective banking partners give us the confidence to achieve our desired short-term goal.

On the brand front, we have engaged with over 120 leading brands – While we have started to execute campaigns with many of them, we have an in-principal go ahead from the rest.

We have Global aspirations for Goals101 and have made our move in that direction by launching our first Joint Venture with a leading Media House in Malaysia. In a short span of time, we have already signed up with two leading banks and are in advanced discussions with one of the largest bank there. We see these positive developments as a stepping stone for paving our entry into other geographies across Asia and the Middle East.

About Goals101 Squad

Goals101 nestles a team of alums from Harvard Business School, IIT & IIM, who have held senior positions in Banks, Insurance companies & in their earlier roles have to lead and built several strong businesses.  Milan Naik is a well-established and prominent personality in the corporate world. Having20 years of exciting corporate life, he has held top positions across Consulting and Financial Services. Presently he is pursuing his entrepreneurial dream by co-founding and leading Goals101with his dear friends and partners VishamSikand,Ishank Joshi &Anshuman Pandey. They along with a young, high energy and dynamic team are building Goals101 to be the most progressive and technology driven Marketing Platform in the world.

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