‘TestingXperts: Emerging Leader in QA & Continuous Testing with 220 percent YOY growth’

‘TestingXperts: Emerging Leader in QA & Continuous Testing with 220 percent YOY growth’

We inhabit an era where business landscapes all over the globe are witnessing a lot of disruption putting up with rapid innovation in technology. A short glimpse into the field of Software development reveals that it has made giant strides in last few years. Having traversed through continual evolution, this industry has now set its foot in the era of Continuous Delivery, a new software strategy that empowers organizations to enable delivery of consistent improvement in features for their products fast and efficiently through an automated software production line. More and more organizations have been adopting this strategy and reaping a multitude of striking benefits that chiefly include faster feedback, vastly improved time to market, increased quality, and a better customer experience. This impacts their growth tremendously. However, to ensure guaranteed delivery speed in this strategy, it necessitates continuous testing of these applications and automation of testing processes.

TestingXperts (Tx), a Specialist QA & Software Testing Services provider emerges as a global leader in this space for its innovative and exclusive suite of services that are offered with a peerless delivery and are equipped with exceptional capabilities in fetching maximum benefits for its clients. The firm operates from its EMEA headquarters in London, UK and Americas headquarters in Harrisburg, PA with presence in nearly all the major business hubs all over the world. Supported with robust in-house testing solutions, pool of skilled career testers, specialist testing approach and a global delivery model, TestingXperts has been helping its clients transform their QA function to dramatically reduce production defects scaling down QA cycle times up to 80% and lowering overall QA costs up to 60%. With ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certifications in place, the firm positions itself as one of the most leading entities in this space. It has made its way to the finalists in ‘The European Software Testing Awards’ recently; which is a great achievement. Several  corporate giants and  renowned ‘blue chip companies’ from diverse industry verticals all over the globe have entrusted the firm with their challenging needs. Within a short span of time, the firm has impressively executed nearly 400 projects across US, UK, Europe, India and APAC all around the globe.

TestingXperts is the brainchild of Damco Group, a distinguished player in the global IT Services landscape. The firm was established with the prime vision of empowering businesses with dynamic, effective and sustainable solutions for solving complex testing problems. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Manish Gupta – Chief Executive Officer at TestingXperts speaks about what inspired the team to venture in this domain, “As we were a part of this industry since 21 years, the breakneck speed of evolution in the field of software development and deployment was very noticeable to us. Especially with continuous delivery model transforming the way software is being developed and delivered all over the globe, there arises a crucial demand for efficient continuous testing processes. There is no doubt that continuous delivery is the future of Software development.  However, considering the agility of processes that this model needs, we could clearly see that testing remains the weakest link in the Continuous Delivery pipeline. This realization motivated us to work towards fulfilling this gap and paved the way for the foundation of TestingXperts.”

Today, the firm leads as a frontrunner in adopting the agile methodologies and DevOps practices and has deep expertise in industry-leading test automation tools, Agile development tools and CI/CD tools providing lifecycle automation. The strict adherence to innovation guides the team to traverse the path towards success. It invests heavily on Research & Development and has successfully developed a revolutionary and an intelligent continuous testing platform ‘Tx-Automate’ as part of its Platform Led Services that is powered with unparalleled proficiency in automating tests, achieving timely delivery schedules, and strengthening the agile process. Blending the power of innovation with its unique capabilities, TestingXperts have been leveraging the best of ever advancing technology to push the conventional norms of Quality Assurance while yielding remarkable deliverables. Contributing significantly to the growth of international economy forms an integral part of the firm’s growth planning. The team has recently come up with a Continuous Testing platform to help SME market with Continuous Delivery of software. Also, it has invested heavily in area of IOT in telematics. It partners with leading organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises across various industries globally to deliver ‘ready for business’ systems.

Tx Automate Magzine

TestingXperts’ nonpareil portfolio also owns a comprehensive suite of end-to-end testing services that covers  Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, IOT and Big Data to name a few. The firm claims proven execution expertise and operational capabilities in addressing challenges related to the areas of functionality, performance, security, usability, and cross-device compatibility across the entire technology landscape.

The X – Factor

Here’s a list of the main features that blend together to vest the firm with an X-factor:

  • A robust management team with more than three decades of profound and diverse experience
  • More than 1500 highly skilled, trained and dedicated testers deployed across the globe
  • Pioneers in IOT
  • Strict adherence to uncompromising quality standards
  • Unswerving focus on product innovation towards bringing platform-led services to the market
  • IP and tools led services to accelerate QA efforts, including in-house test automation framework, Tx-Automate
  • Modern test approach aligned to Agile/DevOps and Continuous Testing
  • Wealth of in-house tools, processes, accelerators, knowledge repositories
  • Execution excellence with dedicated customer Focus; ‘go extra mile’ approach for customers
  • Very flexible engagement models
  • Partnership with leading product, tool, and technology vendors like SmartBear, Panaya, TestPlant, QuerySurge and much more

What does the future hold?

Apprising us of the road ahead, Mr. Gupta shares, “Our vision is to establish TestingXperts as the world’s largest as well as the most trusted QA and Software Testing Company. In line with that, addressing new challenges in the field of Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery consistently occupies the majority of our plate for future planning. Our prime focus rests on bringing cost-effective, viable and dynamic solutions to the market and enable growth for our clients. Envisioning becoming a go to company for QA and Testing, we have been investing heavily towards building compelling capabilities in Continuous Testing for the Digital World. Also, we are devoting time and sincere efforts towards acquiring SDET skills with an aim to provide modern testing services to our clients which is the need of the hour and the future.”

Inspiration behind the Success

Manish Gupta – Founder & Chief Executive Officer at TestingXperts is a successful Serial Entrepreneur and a performance-driven leader, who has founded and grown a number of ventures across the globe over the last 23 years. During his stint with these organizations, his deep domain expertise has been instrumental in ensuring remarkable growth year after year achieving eye catching figures in revenue and profits. He has been responsible for Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Partnerships. With extensive experience in the IT consulting sphere, he is known for adding value to clients’ business by providing them quality IT services and solutions that leverage onsite-offshore methodology, Global Delivery Model & best of breed professionals.