SS Medical Systems, the world’s first manufacturers of Mobile Microwave Medical waste Disinfection System, OptiMaserTM is infusing 76 years of expertise in Healthcare Sector

SS Medical Systems, the world’s first manufacturers of Mobile Microwave Medical waste Disinfection System, OptiMaserTM is infusing 76 years of expertise in Healthcare Sector

Medical waste management is an intrinsic part of the healthcare industry which is quite often overlooked knowing that the medical waste is infectious and bio-hazardous that can spread disease virally. In India, the highly infectious medical waste generated from the healthcare facilities pan India is not been handled and disposed of in a safe& environment-friendly manner. For the safe handling of medical waste, Government has made reforms in the rules and regulations (New Biomedical waste management Rules’ 16) making it mandatory to pre-treat the medical waste before giving it to the CBWTFs for terminal disposal. To address this unhealthy angle, SS Medical Systems brewed up the idea of forming a mobile, 100% cost effective, easy to handle device that takes care of the infectious medical waste without liberating any harmful chemicals or gasses.  And this was how organization’s flagship product OptiMaserTM came into the picture.  Indian Manufacturer with International Certification and the subsidiary of the group S.S.M.S.I.P.L, SSMED has culminated a rich experience of 76 years in cutting edge technology products in the medical field. SSMED has been smooth sailing on its business journey since 1941 and is ranked amongst the fastest growing Medical equipment MSME & OEM importers and manufacturers of high-end Medical equipment in India with 7000+ installations, 100 + employees & 8 offices across the world. With learned professionals from diversified technical and administrative backgrounds, SSMED has grown as an innovative organization in the medical domain.

Creating the differentiator in the Bio-medical Waste Management domain: OptiMaserTM

The star product of SSMED, OptiMaserTM is a Mobile Microwave based Medical waste Disinfection System that encapsulates the high-end technology of using short wavelength, high-frequency radiation and thus bringing about a major temperature rise. The novelty of thought comes from a noble vision of making India infection & epidemic free. This machine is a beautiful amalgamation of vision, technology & research. OptiMaserTM production and R&D state of Art facility are located in the National Capital Region of India at 144, Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Gurugram, Haryana. This facility has a separate designated area of 1200 Sq. ft. for Research purposes in the same premises. The R&D facility is well equipped with latest technology gadgets/ equipment & skilled engineers working on optimization of electrical, electronics, mechanicals & software assemblies for constant up gradation & fine-tuning of the product. The MAC     (Microwave Assisted Clinical) group will research on microwave’s clinical application and OptiMaserTM, in turn, will incorporate these clinical references into instant commercialization at the state of art two facilities located at Gurugram (Haryana, India) and Lucknow (UP, India).

With MAC’s current clinical translational technology thrust,  OptiMaserTM is proposed to be launched with the following dedicated cycles:

  • Rice Husk Disinfection
  • Blood Bag Disinfection
  • Cages Disinfection
  • Dialyzer Disinfection for reuse
  • T. Linen Sterilization
  • Plastic tubing sterilization for reuse
  • Metal items sterilization for reuse
  • Class A drugs de-synthesis/ inactivation

SS MED’s Areas of Expertise includes:

SS 1


Clinical Research- CITAR

The Joint Venture between CSIR-IITR & SSMed is located in a facility called CITAR. This ecosystem provides researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from academia and industry access to state of the art platform technologies and mentorship in a multidisciplinary collaborative environment. CITAR’s vision is to provide researchers from multidisciplinary background an opportunity to innovate, develop, probe, and translate the most important technological challenges facing health and the environment. This facility is equipped with state‐of‐the‐art instrumentation, laboratories, and computational resources. A boardroom with wifi and smart projection, video conference and smart class provide seamless interaction and networking. CITAR is ideally placed at CSIR-IITR overlooking the Gomti River is spread over 20,000 sq. ft. and energized by solar power. 


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Recently CSIR-IITR (Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, counted among world’s only three toxicology research institutes) signed a MoU with SSMED to align with OptiMaserTM for its clinical and translational research in the field of antibacterial applications, development of advanced micro/nanomechanical materials, synthesis and degradation of materials using the microwave.

SS 3

SS Med’s Wing

Opportunity, Perfection and delivery with passion, inspire & unite the people of SSMed. The team numbers highly trained engineers with in-house multiple domain experience for optimized service & lifelong support.

Monish Bhandari

Executive Director

Monish is an Engineering Graduate and ex-Siemens who holds 30 years of rich experience in Bio-Medical Equipment. A seasoned Entrepreneur, he is recognized across the board, with vibrant attitude and unending ideas. Pragmatic in approach, Monish loves to lead his team from the front. 

Priya Bhandari

Director – Finance & Operations

A thorough professional, a caring mother and a counselor for all, Priya is a multi-tasking persona infusing her rich global experience of 15 in roots of SSMED. She bears the sole responsibility for standardization, policy & procedure processes of the organization. 

Mamta Kediya

General Manager – Operations

Company’s current enviable status has been achieved by Mamta’s backend support. She is an upfront manager with extreme passion to deliver & excel. She possesses positive ideologies with expertise in inbound and outbound operations of the company.

Sheeba Khan

AVP – Projects

Over 10 years marketing experience with expertise in handling new projects. Sheeba spearheads the Project – OptiMaserTM with her excellent PR skills.

Charanjit Singh

HOD – HR, Admin & Legal

A skilled manager with core qualities of HR management and possessing leadership, and effective negotiation skills, Charanjit is an asset to the company.   

Dr. Mohan Kamthan

Head- MAC R&D Program

A team player with strong communication, interpersonal, multi-tasking and management skills in the matrix environment, Mohan is a seasoned research scientist with a background in Metabolism, Toxicology, and Microbiology. He holds expertise in protein purification and protein-protein interaction, gene expression and knockouts. 

Anuja Mathur

Asst. Manager Tech. Support (India & Overseas)

A young, dynamic and inquisitive executive, Anuja is a qualified Biotech engineer who takes keen interest and has actively participated in the development of the product.

  Marching Ahead

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