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Today an average human carries more power in his pockets than what he had in his home during the 1990s. There is no doubt in saying that Technology is at its full tilt today; currently scaling up the image and video analytics science in the spectrum of machine vision, multi-lingual speech recognition and rules-based decision engine which is driven by real-time streams of the rich image and major-league video content. People are moving towards mobiles over desktops, laptops and computers; driving an explosion of a location-tracked image and video data. Lowering digital costs have democratized cloud-based high-performance computing in a hostile universe of emerging and dying social network platforms. Very soon, articles which we read today would be viewed in the form of images. Singapore-based Graymatics is penetrating the future digital scenario with prowess and innovation-led strategies. Graymatics is penetrating the future in the present digital scenario with its prowess and innovation-led strategies.

Sensing the global need, Graymatics is adding the future of artificial intelligence in the currently used Markting toolkit of the brands. AI has become the flavor of the season and Graymatics is cooking the recipe very well while developing cognitive multimedia analytics platform that provides the solution for all the possible industries like Surveillance, Telecom, Media and Advertising, Retail and E-commerce. Graymatics made its advent in late 2011 with a vision of catering the emerging necessity of comprehending and representing the content, context, and relationships from the multimedia sources and assisting their various requirements holistically.


We are busy building solutions for clients that make use of our cloud-based rich media analytics platform.

Graymatics’ vision and its product & solution offerings have always been  ahead of what market offers currently which in turn makes Graymatics stand ahead of the pack in sufficing the need of different industries. Sometimes, despite being the prime movers in the market with the unique capabilities, convincing and winning the trust of the customers becomes the bottleneck for many businesses to disrupt the market and mark their territory.

The road was slippery and tricky for Graymatics, and it was daunting to look out for the right human resource to make the company grow. Yet, Graymatics emerged out as a distinguished organization and has been sailing smoothly on the digitally-innovative.



The G3C analytics engine is exceptional in its accuracy across a whole range of use cases including: Fashion, Consumer Goods, People, Automotive, Food and Obscene Content.


Graymatics’ cloud platform is scalable in both resources and capacity to ensure that the accurate performance is delivered on time. 


Graymatics’ market leading G3C analytics engine returns more meta data about the image and video than any alternative.


Once  clients see Graymatics’ insights and business benefits from understanding the media within their commerce and internet assets, they usually ask for modifications for their own needs.


We eat, sleep and breathe multi media analysis to bring the power of the senses to your internet services. Dedicated to pushing digital understanding of media assets so that you can understand your customers better.

Graymatics has developed the industry-leading, scalable cloud platform allowing for automatic real-time indexing, analysis and classification of videos/images with a suite of  search, curation, recommendation and advertising tools. This entire gamut allows content owners/managers including publishers, government agencies, internet service providers, internet portals, e-commerce companies and mobile carriers to monetize better and organize their image and video content through content-based search, compelling surveillance solutions, content-based curation, content-based advertising,and also enable compelling web, smartphone, and SmartTV applications. Graymatic’s platform has turned out to a perk for numerous leading carriers/ service providers, internet and digital media companies and security companies worldwide. Graymatics initially stepped in  the market by fabricating a robust  platform on which image analytics   was performed to an extensive level. The platform was followed by successful deployment and increasing demand led to the introduction of Graymatics’ video and audio analytics as well.


Graymatics’ e-commerce platform, harnessing intuitive machine learning technology, analyses the distinct visual features of each product to recognize brands and products from images  and videos and create targeted recommendations and deep insights into a customer base. This business intelligence is used to develop customized solutions for industry-leading e-commerce providers and consumers. The retail and e-commerce solutions assist the brands in varied  tasks like organizing the catalogs,  track, examine and stay updated with Customer behavior and increasing the reach and tapping new customers with contextual advertisements and more.


Powered by machine vision, smart indexing, and neural networking, Graymatics offers a range of marketing intelligence solutions to enable consumer-facing companies to build  up their knowledge of customers’ preferences, behaviors and trends  in real time. The digital marketing solutions can provide support with functions such as Contextual Advertising, Visual Search, Video Categorization, Video Search, Scene Search, Video Analytics and In-depth Consumer Insights.


Leveraging on the insights generated from our multi-pronged cloud platform, Graymatics works with telecom operators to augment their own big data solutions with highly effective, user-centric personalization capabilities.  The telecommunication solutions can provide support with functions such as Multimedia Keyword Search, Media  Auto categorization, Video and Image search, consumer insights and collage builder.

Graymatics @ Home

Graymatics has partnered industry leaders in the home appliance market to create IoT products that cater to the needs of the next generation consumer, and the next generation businesses. Graymatics’ IoT solutions can provide support with functions for ovens, refrigerators and televisions.


A smarter solution is necessary in order to go beyond the limitations of manual monitoring. Graymatics’ plug-and-play Smart Surveillance technology uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to proactively scan roads, car parks, and secure installations, empowering even the most basic CCTV system to keep your premises safe. Graymatics’ security and surveillance solutions can provide support with functions like traffic and car parking monitoring, detecting vehicles and recognizing number plate, car models and makers, vehicle counting and in   the vertical of car parking premises monitoring. much more.

Apart from Image and Video analytics, Graymatics has also developed audio analytics. Through this, one may detect suspicious activity happening around, know the direction of the voice, and detect emotion of a person and much more through deep audio analytics. Adding more to   its product bouquet, the team at Graymatics is currently working with e-commerce platforms, social media platforms, CCTV operators and    mobile operators. Furthermore, the organization has deployed a closed  API that would likely to get open up to third-party developers later in   the year.

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Headquartered in Singapore, Graymatics has spanned its expertise with an office in Bangalore and another    in the Silicon Valley. Graymatics initially launched its in-depth image analytics solution with companies      like Hakuhodo Inc., which is a Japanese advertising and public relations company and with the biggest Telecom in Japan – KDDI. Enhancing their customer’s experience and as well as gain insights from them were few of the many use-cases for which the    platform was used.



Graymatics offers a deep under-standing of user interests via content association from all the photos and videos being shared, liked, and pinned.


ContextConnect helps in extracting detailed metadata from images and place “ads” within images and videos with the best possible match of content to product.


TubeScan analyzes video content to identify the most attention-engaging time-points within videos which         are higher engagement and less viewer-intrusive for advertising content insertion either in-stream or overlay.


Through this, Graymatics provide solutions to Publishers with significant image and video content.


ImageAssurance facilitates automated brand safety against the requirements of the brand.


Graymatics is a flat organization where people enjoy the liberty of sharing their thought process and build innovative solutions. Graymatics nurtures around 30 employees which comprise of Business Team, Product Managers, Engineers, and testers. Apart from this, Graymatics has its business partners located globally and helping them grow in different parts of the world by handling pre-sales in their respective economies. The organization’s clientele is decorated with the names of leading players from varied  industries across the geographies. The organization has been backed by the initial funding from Singapore’ Prime Minister Office and Citrix Systems.



Graymatics’ progress has been tremendous till date. The organization has pioneered itself as commoditizer for advanced solutions in visual intelligence solutions. Graymatics is dealing with a long list of projects which are currently under deployments apart from the ones already been accomplished. The organization possesses ongoing engagements with few of the biggest telecom operators, digital media        and retail chains for VAS and smart surveillance solutions. Graymatics has been featured for its solutions many times in the media. Some of them are mentioned below:




Apart from the above mentioned, the organization has also achieved many awards and recognitions which help in reaching the massive market automatically including:

Global Entrepreneurship Executive Award in 2012

Rising Star Award from NRF

#1 among SG start-ups in November 2012

AICTA award for top 3 innovative products start-ups in ASEAN in 2014



President & CEO

Prior to founding Graymatics in 2011, he has been a serial entrepreneur within Silicon Valley and co-founded his first company in 2001 – Scintera, a leading fabless semiconductor company     which developed the industry’s first programmable RF signal processor, and was later acquired by Maxim Integrated. Abhijit has previously held key technical and management roles at Qualcomm, Ericsson and Morphics. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a PhD from the University of Southern California, where he continues to be on the Advisory Board.

Future Ahead

Over the years, Graymatics has carved a niche for itself in the space and is successfully catering its services        to several leading conglomerates. Graymatics is eying to leverage its technology with more advancement in the future and offer more robust solutions. Some of the factors involved – An inspiring vision of the future, a fully aligned strategic innovation agenda,      a creatively resourced and multi-functional dedicated team, willingness to take a risk and a well-defined yet flexible execution process.

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