It was an extremely tough decision for Anil Reddy, founder & design director of Lollypop,  to move to India during the peak of his career; but, the insatiable thirst to prove to his counterparts that India was brilliant in the field of digital design, pushed him to take the leap. And, this led into foundation of Lollypop – the top ranked digital design studio around the globe!

Based out of India’s tech-capital Bengaluru, Lollypop believes in empowering clients and users with impressive, unique and innovative digital design solutions. They believe that ‘Design is purposeful’ and has power to solve real problems of real people. They are bent on reimagining the entrepreneurial eco-system with their services of Research & Testing, Experience Designing, Interface Designing & Front-End Development. And are specialist in designing experiences across mobiles, web, desktop applications and wearables, basically, anything that has a digital interface.

Lollypop has a long list of satisfied clients that speaks volumes of the impeccable quality of service and their commitment to customer’s interests, matchless passion and professionalism. Lollypop has designed for Fortune 500 companies, established brands and various Start-up unicorns by collaborating with brands such as Accenture, EY,  Stanford University, McKinsey & Company, Scoop Whoop, Credit Vidya, Myntra, Viacom, Narayana Health, Citrix and REBIT. It is worth noting that in a matter of 4 years they have designed for 15 plus domains partnering with clients from across 11 countries.

Anil shares that it is because of his team and the esteemed advisory panel that Lollypop has been able to achieve the success. Till date Lollypop has won as many as 10 design awards on national and international platform competing against the best globally and recently they were awarded the ‘Best Design Studio Award’ by the Times Group. The studio has also been ranked at the third position while announcing the ‘Top 15 UX Agencies’ Globally, 2017 by Clutch.

Lollypop plans to continue to specialize in its niche of experience design. They have been a bootstrap champion and their organic growth has been almost 100% in the last year. Anil shared that they will soon have a branch in Mumbai as well and by the end of 2018 they are set to have an international presence.

Beside all of these, Lollypop Tribe takes out their time to collaborate with the various players of design eco-system such as schools, associations, students, incubators and clients to help strengthen the community through the modes of workshops, seminars and meet-ups. The CEO Magazine was intrigued by this hidden start-up and we got in a conversation with Anil Reddy, founder of Lollypop, to know more.

The CEO Magazine: Tell us about your designing studio- Lollypop.

Anil: Lollypop is a team of extremely passionate people who have made the digital landscape their home, workplace and playground and are fuelled by a singular passion – ‘Designing great digital experiences’.

We create beautiful solutions to real problems by leveraging the power of design; we blend usability and feasibility into visually appealing interfaces. The services we provide include Research & Testing, Experience Designing, and Interface Designing & Front-End Development.

TCM : What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Anil: I am a designer at heart and entrepreneur by choice. Lollypop has had its fair share of ups and downs, and every day, is a new learning for me as an entrepreneur. I have tried to maintain the same discipline that was instilled in me as a designer; however, I realized that without a set process your business stands to crumble like a pack of cards. A correct process in place is like a well-oiled machine, you will be able to tackle any curve ball that’s thrown at you at any given time.

TCM: What is its main value proposition?

Anil: At Lollypop our value proposition is quite simple – our designs are designed for the  people, by the people. Our solutions are much more than pretty colors or pixels, it is about finding answers to complex business problems and creating a preferred future for all the stakeholders.

We exist solely because we create solutions that solves real problems for real people. 

TCM: What Revenue Model do you follow?

Anil: Our revenue model is that of a service model; we engage with clients on three types of contract, viz., Fixed Bid, Time & Material (T&M) and Retainer system depending on the scope and requirements of the client. Our payment module is basically on the milestones/ deliverables in case of the Fixed bid and if it is a Retainer or T&M, we have monthly billings which accrue a month in advance. 

TCM: How does Lollypop build a successful customer base?

Anil: We are always eager and excited to work with new clients and new projects, who helps us to broaden our horizon and provide us with new learnings; however, we strive on building relationships by ensuring quality designs and going that extra mile. We aim to outdo ourselves each time, and this culture fosters friendships for a lifetime; and this is why, we probably still have our first few clients till the date.

We also believe in word of mouth marketing strategy rather than push marketing, where our clients are our key advocates, and helps us in both creating and growing our customer base. 

TCM: What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Anil: We are yet to penetrate the Agricultural and healthcare sector of India, although we have had substantial achievements in the healthcare industry by partnering with Narayana Healthcare.

Presently, we are working on both these sectors to change their methods and making it more design oriented, enabling them to reach out and connect with the masses, and uplift their existing offering which is more attuned with the needs of their end users.