Finstem Group: A specialist diagnosing and improving Financial, Outsourcing, and Real estate sectors’ health

Finstem Group: A specialist diagnosing and improving Financial, Outsourcing, and Real estate sectors’ health

He took this path knowing that he will succeed. Not everyone has the vision to start up business. It takes a lot of passion to reach new heights to pull it off in the end. His banking career was sailing smoothly, yet the satisfaction was not there. The scenario of unsatisfied customers and frustrated employees made him feel uneasy in his comfortable professional banking spectrum. This experience made him cognizant about the perils of client and employees dissatisfaction in a business environment. An entrepreneur at heart, he felt the zeal missing in his work. He gave legs to his idea and ingrained the foundation of a legacy to provide complete financial solutions, real estate management and outsourcing solutions to individuals and corporate. He is Manish K Shoundik, founder of Finstem India Pvt Ltd. Manish shares the successful journey of Finstem Group right from its inception. Here are the excerpts:

Pooja: Finstem Group is known for infusing integrity in the verticals of Finance, Real estate, and Human Resources Outsourcing, how was the onset?

Manish: It has been four years since Finstem started walking its business voyage. And we have exceptionally established a reputation for providing services assisting not only individuals but leading corporate houses. Our initial focus was channelized towards financial management. We expanded and fine-tuned our wings in the arena of Real Estate broking, underwriting of projects and leasing to the financial planning and further we decentralized our expertise and domain excellence into Human Resource with a merger and acquisition of an HR outsourcing and Real Estate Construction and Development. Today we are a happy joint family comprising of Finstem Financial Services, Finstem Outsourcing, Finstem Developers, Finstem Infrastructures &Finstem Digital Marketing.

Pooja: What’s in the portfolio of Finstem Group?

Manish: We are proud to be a pioneer in Financial Services and HR outsourcing with our portfolios like General Motors , Williams , Groupon, Home Credit, Telesuprcon, HCL, Nextra.  The infrastructural developments boast of impressive projects like “Finstem City – Florizel Golf view Villas”,  FinCastle Residency&FinSquare ” all being an epitome of architectural accuracy and designing finesse.

Financial Planning:Risk Profiling, Goal Planning, Portfolio structuring and Portfolio tracking.

Finstem Infrastructure:FinCastle Residency- Ludhiana, Eastern Homes- Patna  and Fin Square – Dhanbad , Jharkhand.

Finstem Outsourcing: Payroll Processing Services & Reimbursement Processing, Retail Benefit Scheme, Labor Compliance and Allied Laws and Manpower Solutions/Third Party Payroll

Finstem Developers:Finstem City, Florizel Villas, Senior Homes, Golf View Villas, Residential Plots and Sports Arena in Srirangapatna – Mysore Bangalore Highway.

Finstem Digital Marketing :Search Engine Optimization , Social Media Optimization, Responsive Website Design.

Pooja: Your biggest asset might be the ‘Finstem Team’.

Manish: Undoubtedly yes! We adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach and provide our clients with portfolio solutions which meet their desired financial goals and milestones, without focusing on the revenue. It’s the expertise, dedication, and commitment of all family members which has made us the blue diamond in various industry verticals.

Pooja: Headquartered in Noida, Finstem is among those handfuls that stand lucrative as a niche in the industry.  What are the plans ahead for Finstem?


We strive to distinguish Finstem as an Admired & Most efficient customer centric service leader , A trusted partner and a provider of Innovative solutions for growing & protecting wealth. We at all times aim to give our best and live up to the trust and confidence reposed on us by our Clients & Employees.

Pooja: Where do you see the company growing in one year?


“Providing Directions to your Dreams” to live up to this tagline, to become the most trusted & respectful organization recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

Pooja: Please throw some light on the milestones achieved by Finstem.


One of the most difficult steps in every beginning is to actually choose what to do, and to it correctly. In a competitive market, arose a vision, a dream, and an urge to build a conglomerate, a company, AN EXTRAORDINAIRE…….

The Finstem Group started in 2013 with one company “Finstem India PvtLtd ” it all started with

One Investment, where managing wealth meant managing LIFE, creating value investments,

Finstem group then climbed the ladder  with Finstem Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, creating Fincastle

Residency in Ludhiana&FinSquare in Dhanbad .  Sailing through a glorious year incorporated Finstem Outsourcing- A solution to Operational Issues bringing to its clients FLEXIBILITY, FOCUS, RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and FINANCIAL BENEFIT.  Rapidly bridged through Finstem Developers India Pvt. Ltd- Fashioning a golf view water front “THE FINSTEM CITY  “  Bangalore – An epitome of Style, Comfort, Luxury and surreal living.

Pooja: The Entrepreneurial journey is a challenge itself, what has been your greatest inspiration?


It’s important to emphasize to all team members that every role, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is valuable to the team’s success overall, every single one of us is important. For me, Finstem employees were, are and will always be the biggest inspiration, their ability to work together toward a common vision, to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. The biggest asset of a company is its loyal employees and their passion to achieve vision and mission of the company. Finstem employees seek opportunities to challenge themselves, and give themselves new challenges to work with; they are competitive individuals who like a bit competition, which is something that actually brings out the best in them.

The ‘Root of Finstem’

Manish K Shoundik

An entrepreneur with a passion for creating a scalable model of learning with over 20 years of contribution in the fields of financial management, general management, Business model innovation, strategic management and business leadership, Manish has led organizations through the turnaround, start-up and high growth situations. Prior to incorporating Finstem, he has successfully worked with various financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Standard Chartered Bank and HDFC Bank in various leadership roles. He has successfully taken Finstem to the next level by adding new wings to the fin of Finstem India Pvt Ltd.