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Apollo Infoways: Empowering Institutions to succeed in today’s highly competitive and global business environment


Apollo Infoways: Empowering Institutions to succeed in today’s highly competitive and global business environment

Education system adopted by a nation is counted upon as the bedrock of any nation’s development and plays a critical role in shaping the growth of the nation.The burgeoning propagation of continually upgraded mobile technologies has been dictating the tenets of our living to a great extent. Not to mention, the widespread availability of handheld devices coupled with high speed internet connectivity have been playing a crucial role to support such a revolution.It’s needless to say that the current education delivery system in India is by and large influenced by it.However, the impact should be leveraged for carving out structured ways to bring about better and positive outcomes. In light of that, it has become extremely important to remodel and upgrade the prevailing education delivery system in India. The increased use of hand-held devices by huge share of masses has eased the implementation of smart education systems that would have robust capabilities in revamping and revitalizing the entire education system.

Apollo Infoways Pvt. Ltd. is positioned as a front runner in the panorama of e-Learning solutions for technical higher education sector covering academic institutions and corporate organizations. Incorporated in 2014, the company boastsinnovative and exclusive e-learning solutions that have been proven successful in facilitating entities in this sector with ‘knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement’ thereby enhancing their performance and growth.

Apollo’s one of its kind portfolio accommodates groundbreaking solutions for higher & technical education occupying STEM Education, Engineering Lab & Scientific research, Digital & Mobile Learning, Interactive Classrooms, Library technologies, Digital Library Content, and Testing & Assessment. The company’s offerings also include integrated services for Network Security apart from a rich suite of services enveloping Assessment Services, Consulting Services, Implementation services, Custom Development, and Support and maintenance.Apollo’s coveted solutions have benefited several institutions, corporate & industrial training centers, schools and colleges. Some of the esteemed organizations majorlyTechnical institutions affiliated to Government of Delhi, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Government of Rajasthan, Government of Uttarakhand, Government of Bihar, Government of Punjab and Government of Tamilnadufind place in Apollo’s rich clientele.

During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Ravi Prakash – Founder & CEO at Apollo Infoways shares, “As ‘learning specialists’, we assist companies, academic institutions and governments to create an environment that foster a community of continuous learning and improvement. We thrive as a National Corporation that has its footprints across the globe offering a broad spectrum of solutions. Also, we closely work with our partners; International Original Equipment Manufacturers towards   creating product and service solutions which have captured the imagination of the end user community. We have a dedicated Research & Development team that brings together specialists in learning pedagogy, implementation methodology, emerging technologies and curriculum design; who continuously scan the market for trends, needs and opportunities to evolve new generation learning solutions.”

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How it all started?

Apollo Infoways is the brainchild of Mr. Ravi Prakash, a visionary who decided to shun his corporate career and step into the journey of entrepreneurship for the welfare of the society. Ravi’s professional careerowns more than one and a half decade of profoundexperience that is rooted in his stint with reputed organizations from diverse verticals in the industry encompassing FMCG, Software, Network Security, International Publications and e-learning. Lately, he had a chance to interact with some of the leading technical Institutions in India while he was engaged with his final assignment. His stint got him acquainted with the host of flaws existing in the country’s education system. These prevailing gaps encouraged him to leverage his deep understanding and expertise in the domain and invest efforts towards developing innovative learning systems that would spruce up the entire framework and empower these institutions to achieve their vision. This idea sparked the foundation of Apollo Infoways.


  • One among the ‘twenty most promising LMS service providers in 2016’
  • One of the ‘ten most valuable Learning & Development solution providers companies of 2017’

What does the future hold?

Having traversed a small length of its journey towards success, the company has achieved few significant milestones that majorly include influential client acquisition adding worth to its credibility. Besides, Apollo’s peerless solutions that exhibit the company’s strict adherence to innovation and processes have brought home several accolades. The company has been striding actively towards realizing what it envisioned. The core team has worked out several powerful strategies focused at overall growth of the company. Apprising us of the future plans, Ravi offers us a glimpse into the ones that are on the plate, “At present, we are engaged in many diversified projects. One of them is offshore technical training and technical implementation partnership for some of the renowned OEMs. We have been successful expanding our network tying up with a Spanish company, which works on ‘Technical Education Turn Key Projects (TKP) with public and private institutions using soft financing’. They work on establishing high end labs for technical colleges around the world. They also provide soft loan to customers to avoid financial limitations of the customers. Besides, we keep takinginitiatives for achieving excellence in our services and delivering the best value to our clients; this lies at the heart of our every strategy.”

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