MeraJob: Next-gen talent discovery and recruitment platform 

MeraJob: Next-gen talent discovery and recruitment platform 

Speak to any employer and you will be left marveling at one of the biggest paradoxes of recruitment. Despite as many as 1 million people entering the working age-group in India every month, almost every employer finds it more challenging than ever to fill vacancies effectively. The unprecedented penetration of smartphones has further ensured that a large proportion of these candidate profiles are available to the employers, giving rise to the problem of plenty. This one issue manifests into many hours spent sifting CVs, contacting candidates multiple times, hours lost waiting for no-shows. In addition to the cost of sustaining large recruitment teams to process large volumes inefficiently, employers also need to bear the “invisible cost” of bad-hires.

MeraJob is a next-gen talent discovery and recruitment platform that provides data science enabled recruitment intelligence with embedded toolkits that allow for transparency and deliver cost saving at every step of the recruitment process. It’s unique pre-screening of candidates against job-opportunities (and vice versa) ensures that clients are not looking for a needle in a haystack.

Founded by the trio of Girish Phansalkar, Raman Thiagarajan & Pallav Sinha, MeraJob started its operations in mid-2013. The company has its offices in Pune & Gurugram with a pan India reach. MeraJob has served over 1500 clients so far including NIIT, HDFC Bank, Tata AIA, Capital First, Fullerton, Future Generali, Power2SME, RBL Bank, Janalakshmi Bank and much more.

What makes MeraJob disruptive?

There is no issue more pressing for employers (across size, sector & function) than finding and retaining the right talent; some have well-staffed talent acquisition teams, others rely on placement agencies.

While there are different types of hiring solutions in the market (Recruitment agencies, Job portals & Database search engines, Classifieds and Saas based recruitment efficiency solutions) each only solves for a part of the problem and they all come with their individual challenges.

MeraJob has enabled an integrated offering that harnesses the power many of these soloed approaches by bringing them together.

SmartScreen is an online self-service solution which addresses every concern at each step of the hiring process. The distinctive features of this solution are

  • Instant Results – No waiting for applications

The system automatically identifies pre-screens and rank orders the candidates as per the given requirements from its diverse pool of Smart Profiles, as soon as the job is posted.

  • Data science enabled recruitment intelligence

Heuristic algorithms and behavior based adaptive matching finds the right candidates with intent for a job from thousands of profiles with data backed insights useful in making hiring decisions

  • Integrated platform to manage & connect with candidates

A communication platform integrated with the Applicant Tracking system to connect with &granularly manage responses of preferred candidates

  • Collaboration platform for in-house and external recruiters

The dashboard connects all internal and external stakeholders in your recruitment team for seamless exchange of information about profiles e.g. skill rating, notes, and comments

The solution is priced competitively with its subscription based online packages and customized enterprise packages. For smaller/irregular requirements, clients typically choose the ‘Pay as you go’ model where the customers do not pay anything if they don’t like the profiles.

For organizations that rely on external placement agencies and consultants, SmartHire is a turnkey solution. A pan-India network of recruitment experts simultaneously works on the job requirements, thereby assuring faster turnaround and better predictability. In addition, the system based pre-screening ensures that only qualified candidates are presented for interviews.

The Trio: Brains behind MeraJob

MeraJob’s founders – Girish Phansalkar, Raman Thiagarajan & Pallav Sinha – realized that existing clearing mechanisms in the market were inefficient. Borrowing from consumer financial services industry, they envisaged creating a “credit bureau” of job seekers, where insights about candidates were easily available.

“The employment market place has remained largely unchanged with a few traditional models dominating – The hiring industry is ripe for disruption. There is an overwhelming consensus that new models will emerge” quotes Girish Phansalkar, CEO& Co-Founder. Girish has 20+ years of experience in technology and management consulting. He started his career at Siemens PLM (erstwhile SDRC) and subsequently worked with McKinsey & Company as a management consultant serving clients in IT, telecom, metals & banking domains.

Raman has over 20 years of experience in strategic advisory and financial services and is deeply passionate about social transformation delivered through commercially focused ventures. Raman was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he led the Firm’s Financial Services Practice in the MENA.

Pallav has held leadership positions in retail banks and local JVs of MNCs since 2000. Before starting MeraJob, he was the Co-founder & CEO of Fullerton Securities, a greenfield financial services company. He has also served Citibank in India and overseas.

Serving the National Employment Agenda

MeraJob is a strategic partner to the Ministry of Labor & Employment and through its MOU, has access to 20 million candidates via the Ministry’s National Career Service (NCS) initiative. It also is an Innovation Partner on Skill Development (under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) and Strategic partner with the Army Welfare Placement Organization.