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Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. – A step beyond 3D


Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. – A step beyond 3D

It all started with the invention of stereoscope in 1844. It was the unique equipment by which humans perceive three dimensions from two highly similar, overlaid images. It was stereoscopy only which crafted the mind boggling alien city movies like Avatar.  Its reality reproduced virtually-3D Technology. 3D technology has come a long way since the invention of stereoscope, then used to view static images and eventually pictures. Human eyes have different perception for the same world catching different depth and volume. 3D technology provides more possibilities to showcase the advantages of a product in an exceptional way using human vision.  Thus, by using 3D technology, we can get a higher retention rate while transferring ideas as real objects. Most modern 3D technologies rely on stereopsis to trick the brain into thinking it is perceiving depth by presenting two different images separately to each eye. We all have experienced the above mentioned effect through 3D glasses during a 3D movie like Avatar and Marvel movies. 3D Content on a 3D Screen watched by a Potential Customer for 3 Seconds appear larger than the Normal 2D Content & the Brand Recall is much higher in the Human Mind.  3-D Technological improvement over the years has brought all of us a step closer to achieve that revolutionizing expertise. A more advanced ‘autostereoscopic’ display is able to project different images in different directions of space so that different images reach the viewer without any glasses. Inspired by this, a vision was interwoven with threads of uniqueness, unusualness and creativity to create a path breaking revolutionary medium in the retail Indoor space. Today, this vision has created a niche in the market by introducing 3D Glasses Free LED Screens (Without wearing any Special Glasses) & 3D Solutions, the first of its kind in India. Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 by a dynamic professional, Mr. Dayal B Thakkar. The company has proudly taken the next step in the evolution of large scale outdoor digital screens which make Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. stand high among the rest.

Success Voyage

Nestled among financial capital of India, Mumbai, the company has successfully installed a Network of 3D LED Screens at Various Airports in India counting Mumbai Airport with 4 dedicated 3D Screens at Various Terminals. Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. caters complete 3D Solutions for company for Auto stereoscopic content creation as well doing content conversion from 2d to 3d for Indoor Retail & Advertising Space under its umbrella.  The company has proved its proficiency by providing stunning 3D models grabbing users’ attention. Three D Holograms’s clients come from different domains in the arena of OOH Advertising. The company held the Opportunity to work with the Best Organizations in India ; to name a few including Amul , State Bank Of India , Indian Oil , Incredible India ,Hindustan Unilever Group Afcons , Pepsi, Raychem RPG, L&T {Heavy engineering} Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank etc . The creative and qualified artists of Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. work with inspiration on every 3D model to provide company’s clients with 3D content and solutions which fully corresponds to their vision.

The Product Offerings By 3D Holograms are as follows:

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  • 3D LCD Screens – 24” 42” 65” 85” 98” 3D Screens depending on the Requirement in the Retail Space.
  • 3D Video wall using 55” screens. It can be customized as per the requirement from Clients.
  • Holobox 180 deg 270 deg 360 deg, for the Retail Environment, Innovation & Visual Treat. It comes in various sizes 19” 23” 32” 32’ 50”

3D Content creation studio facility and Rental Model are also counted among wherein one can rent out the 3D Screens for Exhibitions, Seminars, Events, Brand & Product Launches thus creating a Visual Impact and Buying out the Screens for Corporates, PSUs, Financial Institutions for their In-house Promotions. Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. caters Digital OOH media industry in the country. Three D Holograms has partnered with west Europe technological company for 3D LCD/TV media Hardware and Software support. Today, Three D Holograms is providing glasses free 3D Lcd solutions in India to variety of clients.

Witnessing growing demand for holographic display products and services, Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. got associated with a China based company and started providing video range of Holographic and projection solutions to its corporate clients. Outlined below are the milestones achieved by the company:

  • Presence at the Mumbai airport comprising of four 3D glasses free LCD screens at the various terminals for the passengers’ visual delight, creating an awareness of 3D screens.
  • Had an opportunity to work with prestigious organizations like ITC,  Indian oil, State bank, Pepsi, HDFC, National science center, Incredible India, to name a few.

Future Destination

Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. will be deploying 3D screens of 65’’ at major multiplexes soon & inviting clientele to advertise on these screens creating a Brand image, Brand recall, thus reaching out to a discerning audience. The company holds a Visionary Commitment for its Existing & Potential Clientele by conceptualizing, Initiating New Ideas , Creating Specialized 3D Environment ,New Product Launches & Looking at the Market Needs to reach out to the Maximum Audience at a Minimal Cost . Three D Holograms Pvt. Ltd. thrives be a Pioneered 3D Solution Provider in India for the Indoor Retail Space & the Advertising Industry.

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