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Monthly magazines in India: The knowledge treasures


Monthly magazines in India: The knowledge treasures

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Magazines have come a long way since their inception. They have firmly grounded themselves in between the chaos of digital era. Technological advancements have channeled magazines towards a new level. Generally, magazines can be diversified on the basis on functionally entertainment, travel, business, news, information or opinion. There are also news magazines and city or regional magazines. Some magazines carry no advertisements and others, called controlled circulation, are given away free.  But what makes magazines stand out from the rest is the relation between content and audience. Then there are the business press and company magazines, which represent a burgeoning area of magazine publishing. Despite categorized among various spectrum, all magazines share two characteristics, they are published at regular intervals, some are referred as monthly magazines and some are termed as quartered magazines and each appeals to some specific segment of society. Most of the magazines are owned by multi-magazine groups. Like most other media, magazines seek to inform, persuade and entertain their audiences and put before them advertising messages of national, regional, state and city scope. Magazines are a channel of communication halfway between newspapers and books. Many magazines have discovered a strong demand for notification articles and their almost exclusive content. And only few have made their way to the hearts of 1.3 billion readers in India. One such magazine ‘The CEO Magazine’ which is India’s fastest growing monthly magazine published from New Delhi, India. Dedicated to the entrepreneurs, The CEO Magazine is framed around the world of entrepreneurs, their inspiring stories that allows the top level executives to share their experiences, challenges they faced and case studies. That creates the extraordinary benefits to the Startups community and vibrant entrepreneurs to analyze on the IT trends; learning’s to organize and gives the better understanding in achieving their business objectives effectively. Till date the magazine has featured 12 different sectors.

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