Generating Over 510 Crore Revenue, Comparex Scripts Clients Success

Generating Over 510 Crore Revenue, Comparex Scripts Clients Success

MD Navin Kapur SteersComparex India to Significant Growth

With their rich legacy of three decades, technology firm COMPAREX enables market leaders like Maruti Udyog, Samsung, Birla, Zee Media, and PepsiCo not only to maintain a dominant online presence but empower them to be on the top. Ensuring superior software consulting services and providing superlative customer experience have always been the key differentiator for COMPAREX. Trusted for its software, consulting and services, COMPAREXIndia is a multinational company whose mission is to build entrepreneurial capacity and accelerate technology innovation through an open innovation platform. All of their services and products bring them total revenue of INR 510 crores for Comparex India and US$ 2.2 billion Comparex Globally.

COMPAREX’s experience in chalking out the digital journey from ideation to execution has given customers a competitive-edge. The company became a Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 – 2015 in just three years of its operation in India. It has bagged several prestigious prizes in different geographies for different reasons.

Awards received by COMPAREX

Microsoft CTM Partner of the Year 15-16

Microsoft CAM Partner of the Year 15-16

Microsoft AZURE Partner of the Year 15-16- 1st Runner Up

Microsoft O365 Partner of the Year 15-16- 2nd Runner Up

Adobe Platinum Partner of the Year 2015

Microsoft PS Partner of the Year 2014-15     

Fastest Growing Security Partner 2010 (Barracuda Networks)

Microsoft best Regional Partner of the Year 13-14

Correct processes lead to correct results, believes COMPAREX. With a motto to value client’s business, COMPAREX has expanded its reach and created footmarks across thirty-five countries. Leading the market for software licensing and license management in Europe, COMPAREX has set up its India chapter. COMPAREX India has played a significant role to generate five hundred and ten crore rupees revenues from India in last year.

COMPAREX that follows a performance driven culture, has state-of-the-art offices in eleven Indian cities including Gurgaon, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, nd Chennai. The offices houses over hundred and forty employees who cater to the need of over thousand customers. Navin Kapur, MD of COMPAREX India, leads a pool of talent at this organization. His passionate zeal and dedication as well as relentless pursuit of his mission have led COMPAREX India scale new heights and get excellent results. Mr. Kapur who holds Chartered Accountant by profession, has been in the entrepreneur journey since 2001. 

COMPAREX India is now seen as Centre for global shared services and this is a bonanza period for employees for international exposure, overseas training and high growth career path. Their employees receive National and International recognition every year.

“If employees had not enjoyed working with us, they would not stay with us for a longer time. Our employees are prudent and committed, hence they have the art to balance their work life. We support them thoroughly,” asserted an employee from COMPAREX’s HR.

How does COMPAREX respond to and overcome failures? askedThe CEO Magazine, Proactive approach, planning is what we emphasis on. We ask each department head to spend one hour daily as first thing in office for his planning. Well planned things leads to minimal failures. We encourage employees to reflect on the failure and see the learning. One they do it, each failure automatically becomes a learning experience.”

COMPAREX SoftCare, offered by COMPAREX, is a unique toolset to reduce compliance risks, cut costs in the process of managing and purchasing software licenses and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of clients’ procurement processes.

Comparex offers License management solution, through its in-house build software SAM2GO. This solution provides an exhaustive licensing management solution covering all software vendors. COMPAREX’s SAM solution provides comprehensive reporting on licensing usage, adoption, including program redundancies, procurements, and reconciliations. With all these data in hand, the company demonstrates through a reporting Dash Board the latest position of all Software license procured and utilized. This solution has been a great asset to global customers in maximizing their ROI on software investments.

“Our motto is – we support your success. It is the call of our business model that each department has to collaborate with each other. For eg Sales, License management, product management, Marketing Operations, pre sales and post sales each department has to interact with each other. Other departments like HR, Administration, and data base management etc. in any case supportive functions,” said Navin Kapur, MD of COMPAREX.

With its verticalization strategy and pioneering technology-based innovations, COMPAREX AG has been growing both organically and inorganically. It has been steadily scaling its software, consulting and services verticals over the past couple of years, and has also made some strategic move to further accelerate its growth. Over the last threedecades, COMPAREX AG that provides best-of-breed solutions, has in fact remained truly committed to itsvalues and beliefs. In the process it has built enormous goodwill and expanded its presence across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Serving public-sector, SMEs and large international corporations from 80 locations in 35 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, over the years, COMPAREX has built a legacy and comprehensive portfolio that includes more than 3,000 vendors. Today, the core competency that the company built through its partnerships with Microsoft (Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite among others), Adobe (Creative Cloud and Document Cloud), Oracle (Oracle Database Cloud) and Symantec (Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and Symantec Email Security Cloud), in addition to the global legacy, has set the company way ahead of the competition.