An Emerging leader in the Panorama of Software Solutions and Services, MicroGenesis TechSoft breathes ‘Positivity’ in its Work culture

An Emerging leader in the Panorama of Software Solutions and Services,

MicroGenesis TechSoft breathes ‘Positivity’ in its Work culture

Apart from payroll and job scope itself, the factor that substantially influences how employees feel about their job is the work environment. The word ‘Work environment’ typically covers everything that forms part of employees’ involvement with the work itself, such as the relationship with colleagues and seniors, organizational culture, room for personal development, work-life balance, ownership of the job and more.A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day. Researches show that maintaining ‘Positivity’ in work environment certainly leads to ‘productivity’ for the organization and ‘satisfaction’ for employees as well as employers.

The CEO Magazine in its search for best corporate cultures had a chance to interview MicroGenesis TechSoft, an organization where work culture breathes positivity to ensure employee satisfaction as well as optimum productivity in working environment. MicroGenesis TechSoft is a pioneer in the IT space offering end-to-end solutions to large corporations across all sectors, including Healthcare, Defence, Automotive, Banking, IT, retail, telecom and manufacturing. The firm’s  partnership with leading technology giants such as IBM, HP, Kofax, PTC and Atlassian have empowered it to help and serve the clients better in the most complex or challenging IT business needs. Incepted in 2000, MicroGenesis has served nearly three hundred clients from various industry verticals while having worked with more than hundred products and securing many certifications including ISO 9001/2008, 13485, 62304, 27001:2013.The team at MicroGenesis comprises of professionals, who have expertise in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM & CLM), Systems Engineering, DevOps, Application Security, Functional / Performance Testing & Development, Services (Consulting, Training & Development, etc.), Document Management System- DStore and Document Capturing. The firm started as a Rational Business Partner in 2000 and within the first year of its inception became the most preferred Business Partner of choice for customers. The firm has been chosen by IBM as the “Best Rational Partner” for consecutive Thirteen Years.

Alike other notable high performing organizations, the founders have laid the bedrock of MicroGenesis on a well-thought out organizational culture resonating a very healthy environment, which is an absolute mix of fun, enthusiasm, challenges, learning and growth. The firm follows an ‘open door policy’ which allows interaction among employees across all levels without any kind of discrimination to promote smooth functioning of business processes through counseling, sharing of ideas and transparency. The work culture, here, is driven by a set of core values that abides with the organization’s vision and its commitment towards providing quality services to the clients. It facilitates employee happiness which results in lower employee turnover and better company performance. The most captivating aspect that supports retention of top level employees as well as encourages the potential candidates to join MicroGenesis is administration’s policies for flexibility in working hours. Employees here have the liberty to work according to flexible work schedules so that they can take care of their personal responsibilities. Not only that, employees also have the facility to work from home on as needed basis. To enhance employees’ ease at work, the management encourages them to take reasonable breaks during the day – especially those employees who are on the ‘front lines’.

Remarkably, MicroGenesis demonstrates its commitment to place women employees in key positions not only to diversify the work culture but also to rise against the antagonism that women employees face in hiring practices. Speaking about the company’s overall management style, Mr. ManojTharian, Founder of MicroGenesis says,“We have a mix of directives and permissive approach in our management style. We always motivate our employees to work as teams to achieve goals and influence valuable changes. Management is open to new ideas coming from team members, consult, encourage and support independent thinking. Growth opportunities, promotion of diversity and fair practices are key factors of our organizational growth.”

An organization, which directs all its efforts towards becoming a niche leader in the Software Solutions and Services business, team building typically becomes an integral part of the work culture as it advocates trust building, mitigation of conflict, transparency in communication,  collaboration and employee engagement. For inculcating the spirit of team building into work culture, the management of the firm takes various initiatives to encourage employees to volunteer for various in house or external activities. The management also builds and implements strategies that compel collaboration between departments to work towards achieving a target or goal. This way MicroGenesis serves a great platform to employees, who are self-motivated and have a go getter approach. In addition to creating a work culture that is full of zealand gives ample opportunities for growth, the management also focuses on nurturing employees’ learning and individual growth beyond organizational goals and conducts workshops, seminars and conferences concerned with latest technology and management disciplines. Mr. Ram Lal Luthra-CEO enlightens us about MicroGenesis’ policies for employees’ professional development and career growth, “We have ongoing training and development campaigns to deal with the short-shelf life of learning and development needs. We help our employees to learn and develop new skills, and facilitate them with internal transfers to help them build their portfolio with diversified skills set and knowledge. That helps the organization to retain the top talent and keep them engaged.”

The administration of the organization looks forward to hire ethical people, who are result oriented, committed, Self-starters, willing to learn, and enthusiastic; in other words, who can mould themselves absolutely in accordance with the set norms of the work culture and align their career goals with organizational goals. There are systematic processes for each department to deliver desired results. It is mandatory for all employees to ensure that those processes are followed to meet the objectives, and that forms the basis of measuring the effectiveness of employees’ performance. Those employees who are able to demonstrate their skills, expertise and capability through their performance get promoted to lead and take responsibility of core roles. For example, a presales engineer who has succeeded in meeting client expectations would be honored with additional responsibility of managing the team. To tackle failures, the administration adopts a unique way that results in boosting motivation in employees and results in improving their performance. As put by Mr. ManojTharian, “We acknowledge and accept failures rather than regretting their occurrence and showing ignorance towards them. We try to turn failures into strategic learnings and focus on assessing our strengths to react quickly so that we can minimize the damage, and rebound the new plan to improve the performance.”

With its employee centric policies that enable the workforce in the organization to stay happy, healthy, contented as well as productive, MicroGenesis has had many achievements that have been in its path of success for the last sixteen years. Having gained the trust of corporate giants in diversified industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Healthcare, the firm has now set up operations in Germany with the vision of expanding in global market with the intent of replicating our rich experiences, the customers can benefit.