A leader in the landscape of Logistics Industry, LCL Logistix houses unique employee centric policies to achieve sustainable growth

A leader in the landscape of Logistics Industry,

LCL Logistix houses unique employee centric policies to achieve sustainable growth

The breakneck burgeoning of Indian economy has dynamized cut throat competition across every industry. To achieve high figures and substantial growth, it has become imperative for organizations to hire skilled workforce as well as create and sustain a workplace that is healthy and proactive for its employees. Recent studies conducted across organizations typically exhibit that work environments driven by employee friendly policies are able to deliver much greater levels of productivity and business success. Riding the new wave of employee centricism, few organizations have been an inspiration for others on account of their sui generis approach and commitment towards creating a workplace that employs best practices to become ‘desirable’. One of them, LCL Logistix Private limited, is a renowned name among integrated logistics players in India.One of the leading freight forwarder, LCL Logistix has positioned itself as a truly integrated logistics service provider with its asset heavy business model, offering wide range of services in logistics and supply chain management solutions. The firm’s strong presence across Pan India and associations with more than two hundred partner agencies on a global scale provides it a strong foothold and the right amount of acceleration to capture India’s economic growth story.

LCL Logistix is equipped with affiliations from  reputed national and international accreditation bodies such as International Air Transport Association (IATA), Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA-Zurich), Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI), Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA), FMC Bonded NVOCC, Chambers of Commerce (American, Canadian and German), Project Cargo Network (PCN), Globalink, Consolidators Association of India (CAI), World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and Air Ocean Network (AON). The rich service portfolio of the firm envelops nearly all verticals of the industry and comprises of service offerings in: Air& Ocean freight forwarding, NVOCC, Buyers consolidation, Road & rail transportation, 3PL, Container freight station, Supply chain management solutions, Projects specialized industrial cargo solutions, break bulk, General & bonded warehousing, Custom clearance, and Container repair and refurbishments.Incepted in 1998, LCL Logistix has spread its roots across three continents with a remarkable hold on North America & East Africa in terms of logistics business. Delivering quality services in a broad spectrum of domains in logistics industry, the firm has secured noteworthy accolades at all the ceremonials conducted by the leading media houses and trade associations.The company’s demonstrated track record and milestones have appealed the global shipping giant – the France-based world’s 3rd largest shipping conglomerate, CMA CGM, which has elected LCL Logistix as their trustworthy partner for intensifying their footprints in the Indian logistics arena. In the year 2015, CMACGM made a noteworthy investment in the company, making it a proud affiliate of CMACGM group. This association unveils the next level of growth and opportunities being a part of the stated group.

Since inception, LCL Logistix has strived hard to create, innovate and implement processes that lead to sustainable results instead of short-term gains, which may have been circumstantial. As quoted by Mr.Unnikrishnan Nair, Managing Director & Chief Executive officer at LCL Logistix, “Product development and process improvements are the nucleus of the company’s business model fueling the propulsion system of the organization’s growth engine.”The firm has always given utmost priority to nurture relationships for a long term; a fact which results in highest client as well as employee retentions while having gained the trust of almost every major business house in India.Following the dictates of Mr. UnnikrishnanNair, who believes“People are the absolute net worth of any organization”, the management at LCL Logistixkeeps an ‘open door policy’ for its employees to promote a healthy work environment that is conducive to enhance productivity and efficiency in business while imbuing a sense of belonging and loyalty in employees.The top management shows a lot of zeal to communicate with employees across all levels and encourage them to participate in decision-making by providing their insights. This cross-functional accessibility is phenomenal in the organization wherein an employee can meet anyone and everyone in the hierarchy, hence the wide arm gesture adds up this comfort to another level.

The firm has set an example before others with its thriving workplace culture and employee centric policies that have significantly contributed to expeditious organizational growth. The workplace culture here breathes in a well defined set of core values and principles, which not only guide thinking and actions of employees but also are established as norms, ingrained in operating procedures. Speaking about the company’s stated set of cultural values for its employees, Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair says, “Operating in a domain where skill-sets are in scarce, LCL Logistixencourages its employees to pursue courses, trainings, new skill sets etc. Dress code although a liberty but comes with an unwritten code as it projects an image about the company. Professional dialogue and open communication is what the company believes in; hence ensures the required amount of brainstorming, gatherings, and meetings at all the fronts. There is a crystal demarcation between “who is responsible” and “who has committed.”

A player in logistics industry, the firm employs best human resources practices that are proven to achieve positive results in the workplace while offering a global platform that provides equal opportunities to all employees to help them learn and grow. The management here values the precise blending of the zeal to learn, interpersonal skills and the attitude towards the shared vision of the organization.Focusing specially on the scarcity of sector specific pool of talent, the company is also successfully acting as an institution for employees while benefitting them with the option of real-time learning. Being a trans-continental organization on a global platform, the company opens multiple doors of career growth for young and ambitious minds, which have an enthusiasm of being a ‘go-getter’. In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair, MD & CEO, LCL Logistix says, “LCL Logistix has awarded phenomenal escalations to each one, who has submitted his/her commitment to the organizational goals.The organization is beyond the “cost and margin” drive instead, inculcates a sense of association and high moral value which drives the employees. LCL Logistix enjoys lower attrition rates comparing to the industry scale – is a testimony of this very fact.”

On its journey close to two decades, the firm has witnessed the worst recessionary heats and irrational competition threats. Despite witnessing the worst economic cycles globally, the firm has never given a way to ‘Pink slips’, ‘lay-offs’ and ‘job cuts’; instead, at such difficult times also, the management have welcomed the under and non-performers with their arms wide open and transformed them into “match winners” and “wicket takers”.The organization has managed to overcome the challenges and failures employing arduous corporate restructuring exercises and fine tuning existing corporate strategies, which yielded exceptional results in the form of accumulation of more dynamism and resilience to the company’s business model while steadily graduating it from tough to tougher.

The organization takes pride in having produced star performers at some of the worst phases of the industry cycle, who are today leading key departments pan India, managing a considerable team size. The organization puts a number of efforts to motivate employees for their achievements that contribute towards realization of organizational goal. Apart from recognizing their success withAwards and certificates of appreciation, prepaid coupons, gifts and mementos, the management conveys its admiration through emails sent to all employees working across all levels and follows that with words of appreciation, gifts and mementos from the respective head of the department. Speaking about the organization’s efforts to recognize employee achievements, Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair shares, “TheCompany’s employee recognition policy, not only lets its people believe that their hard work is valued but also thrives their productivity and motivation that sparks their potential to deliver more than what is expected.”

In this era of digitization, work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat but the company undeniably respects the personal side obligations/desires of its people, and encourages them to maintain a healthy balance in their personal as well as professional lives. The organization not only encourages the employees to make a quality time but also endeavors to create some quality time for them so that they can relax and give themselves a break. The management organizes a fun filled and memorable picnic every year that lasts for two-three days and attracts grand participation across the departments. The entire exercise, apart from relaxation and enjoyment aimsat building up team-spirit and a sense of unity among the participants. Although meetings, targets and work pressures have their role to play, the picnic is truly a time where the bonding as a LCL family becomes stronger in a cheerful way.

Having strided for nearly two decades on its journey that leads to pinnacle of success, LCL Logistics has many accomplishments that have empowered it to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of logistics industry around the globe. To quote Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair, “LCL Logistix sails with a tough mind accompanied with a pragmatic approach reigns in the hands of its able commanders, who steer the organization maneuvering it through all kinds of perils/headwinds. The gamut of logistics services, though in its infancy, with its fragmented and unorganized industry status, however, is catching up fast with the mushrooming of MNC’s and successful transitioning of traditional players into the professionally managed organization. The company is extremely realistic in its maneuvers, and has taken handful of brave flights in terms of hitting the right cord at the right time, at the right direction, in order to scale new business opportunities.”

Carrying a fiery aspiration of flashing LCL brand across the globe, the firm now puts more focus on developing strategies for a stronger penetration into new territories of flourishing economies while offering improved services in logistics and supply chain management solutions.