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ISOFT has revolutionized the ways through which the world of business operated

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ISOFT has revolutionized the ways through which the world of business operated

Fast-growing organizations in today’s world have to face multiple challenges concerned with various departments such as finance, warehouse, Customer relationship, Information Technology and others in order to keep their business processes efficient. These problems inflict chaos across the organization by slashing its productivity, reducing data accuracy and consistency and increasing opacity as well as costs; if these concerns are not resolved at a primary level, they gradually lead to the organization running in loss. So, most of these organizations approach business solution providers and go for automation of their business processes to overcome the distressing challenges of performing them manually. Though these mechanized systems work great in streamlining the respective business processes, yet to manage them together proves to be extremely troublesome. The only remedy to cure problems associated with such business processes is integrated business solutions, which enable the entire organization to access all important information. ISOFT Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a well-known business solutions provider, has gained recognition across the globe for its extraordinary expertise in integrated business solutions and various business domains. The firms has successfully provided wide range of integrated business solutions including ERP, CRM, SCM & even E-commerce to a large number of enterprises facilitating them to run their business effectively. ISOFT is a hub of highly experienced and certified professionals, who are experts in various domains and use latest cutting edge technology to provide best possible solution to their clients. The firm in-houses separate teams such as Business Development, Solutions Development, Functional Experts, Implementation, Technologies Training, Research & Development, Human Resources, Administration and Finance for putting more focus on each problem of every client to resolve it as quickly as possible while taking care of its costs. Speaking about his firm, Mr. Amit Kumar Das, Founder& Chairman of ISOFT Group, says, “Our teams are one of the few who have implemented such complex integrated solutions in a record time in a very cost effective manner. ISOFT is a home to the best IT infrastructure as well as experienced and dynamic IT professionals, who possess key skills in the area of developing enterprise based business solutions. We use the latest cutting edge technology which is continuously updated with the dynamic changes in the area of technology.”

Incepted in 2007, ISOFT has gained expertise in varied business functions across multiple domains. The firm’s rich experience in handling diverse business issues have empowered them with the expertise to offer the most suitable solutions, which are cost & time savvy, across various verticals such as Manufacturing (Automobile, Electrical, Telecom, Electronics, Packaging, Home appliances, Tiles, Power Supply Component), Retail, Beauty Services, Security & Guarding Services, Event Management, FMCG, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Trading, Manufacturing in General, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and E-commerce.

The firm works with the mission of providing complete satisfaction to its clients. This is quite evident as ISOFT has assembled individual teams, which are dedicated towards solving this purpose. Speaking about ISOFT’s mission, Mr. Amit Kumar Das shares, “We try to give our clients the advantage of our expertise and exposure of diversified business areas, which also help us in giving a better insight to their business challenges. We always remain prepared to assist our clients in handling critical challenges at any point of time. To ensure that, we have a Support & Maintenance Team as well as a customer centre which provide instant solution to our clients and can be accessible 24/7 throughout the year.”

Business Mantra

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Mr. Amit Kumar Das, an eminent figure in the landscape of IT solutions industry, has laid the foundation of ISOFT on pillars of core values and ethics with the vision of building it as a leading global business solution provider. The firm’s business philosophy is to achieve growth by practicing best of business ethics, values & social responsibilities and contribute significantly in the growth of its customers, business partners & employees. It makes painstaking efforts to enhance its expertise while working towards its mission of achieving outright customer satisfaction through innovation, development & effective implementation of strategic business solutions with absolute accuracy.

Success Mantra

The rich and unique services portfolio of ISOFT envelopes all aspects of the key business areas such as Application development, Enterprise services, IT consultancy, Support & Maintenance, system integration and Infrastructure management. The firm has acquired extensive expertise in implementing its innovated ERP solution, ERSys across fifteen core verticals for several years. The team at ISOFT holds professionals possessing deep domain knowledge of all functions of business processes that empowers them to identify the complexities and design customized ERP solutions according to clients’ specific needs. To ensure guaranteed satisfaction to its clients and assist them in making their business processes glitch- free, ISOFT has an independent ERP team specified for customizing the ERP and successfully implement it at customer site. ISOFT’s specialized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have been created to empower the clients with resources to analyze their sales and customer relations and to track the sales movement in terms of sales team, customer order, customer delivery and also the customer satisfactions & customer relationship. The firm’s inventive solutions for complicated procedures of Supply Chain Management play a vital role in ensuring on time delivery and enabling the clients to control and manage logistics, delivery, procurement, inventory, warehousing, transportation etc. Speaking about what sets them apart, Mr. Amit Kumar Das says, “Our team’s proficiency in offering cost effective custom-built and personalized software gives our clients the freedom to focus on their business while liberating them from the worries of scaling cost or project overrun. We put our entire focus on client contentment through our services; a fact, which sets us apart from others in the market and helps us in building a rich customer base.”

ISOFT has stepped on several milestones to success since the beginning of its entrepreneurial journey in 2007. The firm established its International Headquarters in Sydney in 2009. With outstanding efforts, it designed and launched its own ERP product, ERSys version 2 in 2010. An exceptional product, ERSys earned reputation in the market, and managed to enlist Australia’s one of the largest employers as a permanent client in 2010. The firm is moving ahead on its path to success actively. Now, it is looking forward to launch ERSys in Australia in 2018 with an aim to position itself in top twenty-five mid-tier software companies in Australia within next five years.

The Spirit behind the Success

Amit Kumar Das, the founder chairman of the ISOFT Group, IST Group and Innotech Group, is a Microsoft Certified professional and an entrepreneur, who possesses a long list of achievements which includes Microsoft Certificate of Achievement (Business Solutions) and ‘Bihar Asmita Samman Award’ for his extraordinary brilliance and notable contributions towards transforming the ways on which business functions and processes operated. Having headed more than a hundred projects across the globe, Amit holds extensive exposure and expertise in handling business issues at international level.

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