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MINTY – India’s Only Chat App for Financial & Tax Advice on the go!

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Dedicated in providing real time Financial & Tax Consultations at your fingertips from qualified Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Accountants.

Mumbai – April 20, 2017 – The App Minty is India’s only dedicated chat app for providing Financial and Taxation advice on the go to all users across India. It allows users to chat in real-time basis with Certified Financial Planners  (CFPs) and Chartered Accountants (CAs) for their Financial or Taxation queries, where a person is not required to run around physically & spend a lot of time & money. In addition to this, users can calculate their Tax Liability, an accurate amount of coverage they need, and much more use other such Smart Calculators within the app. These not only help you calculate, it also helps you to connect with an expert via Email or chat directly.

Minty is India’s only chat App for Financial & Tax advice on the Go providing real time “FREE” financial & Tax consultation at your fingertips from qualified CFPs &CAs! It is the only chat app which gives the facility at one’s ease so that one can ask for any queries related to Finance directly with an expert and get instant answers. Since we all believe that as a doctor heals an individual, same way our financial worries are been given a solution only by an expert. The app provides real-time dedicated answers to all your queries related to Finance, Tax and more.

Minty App has been developed by Financial Hospital, India’s known Financial & Tax Consultancy Firm, founded in 2004.

We will be launching the iOS version real soon! For more information please visit www.mintyapp.in.

To download app: Click Here

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