Tenth edition of DAKSH (DAKSH 16’) attracted the scintillating brainpowers across the country binding science and technology


DAKSH is SASTRA University’s international techno-management fest that endeavors to sync technology and its applications resulting in a competitive and exciting three-day extravaganza. Falling in the month of February 24-26, DAKSH is an attempt to bring together students from all over the world providing a platform to brainstorm their way through numerous challenging tasks, listen to thought-provoking speeches given by eminent personalities, brainpower and participate in an assortment of workshops and a whole lot more.

Germinated as a sprout in 2007, Daksh has been watered and nurtured by the students to grow into a tree reaching out with its branches all over the country. With strong roots in science and technology, Daksh has continued to bear fruits of innovation and cutting edge technology to be relished by the students. Daksh provides a grand stage for students to illustrate their skills and contend with their fellow mates to create a win-win scenario.

The tenth edition of DAKSH (DAKSH 16’) attracted the sci brainpower across the country binding science and technology. Events affiliated to all branches of engineering was conducted viz. PARVATANA, YANTRIKA, JIVAZASTRA, SAMAYIKA, SAGGANITRA. The event also featured SASTRA’s version of TED talks namely the “POWER TALKS.” The versatility of the quizzing minds were under the hammer owing to DAKSH QUIZ- SPARDHA. It also showcased its first of its kind- AUTO EXPO namely STRUT D’AUTO. Automotive enthusiasts had their atypical experience of seeing their dream cars and bikes put on display. The Expo blossomed more than 700 visitors. The KTM Bike stunt show also added fuel to the motor addicts. The entertainment quotient was added by various dance shows including a skeleton and laser show.

The tech-fest draws participants from illustrious colleges all over the country. Students from Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Technology-Trichy, Vellore  Institute of Technology (VIT), SSN and Symbiosis -to name a few-show up in large numbers annually . Previous sponsors for the event include big names like Tata ConsultancyServices, Dell, Acer, Bombay Stock Exchange, Hewlett Packard, Aruba, Freshdesk, Mahindra EPC, TVS etc.

DAKSH has always tried to incorporate current affairs into its fold with an aim to inspire and educate youngsters.This year, we would like to focus on the initiative by the Government of India,“Make in India”. Educating people on all the 25 sectors and showcasing the development that ishappening around us is quite not a simple task but DAKSH would like to take it up as achallenge and bring great awareness about this initiative down South.This would be the first time such an initiative would be organized by the students. And we believe it will have a greater impact on the student community (Schools andColleges). SASTRA University has the infrastructure to support such an expo and has enormous support from the students.

Daksh is all set to take you on a journey at the end of which participants treasure the most valued innovations and brainstorms experienced throughout. In a nutshell, Daksh is a prodigious event that takes technology to another dimension to witness the marvels of science as you have never imagined. We give you the best experience to unleash your dexterity and go galloping on your horses of victory.


Student coordinator