Touching lives via technology has always been my passion, asserts Click Labs founder Samar Singla

Touching lives via technology has always been my passion, asserts Click Labs founder Samar Singla

TCM Staff, New Delhi

Serial and seasoned entrepreneur Samar Singla has been empowering various enterprises with innovative and cutting edge solutions. His venture, Click Labs, has an ambitious vision: The creation of an information conglomerate centered around generating multi-million dollar viable businesses, directly or indirectly, supplemented and augmented by technology platforms. In addition, Samar is also the founder of Jugnoo, India’s leading auto rickshaw aggregator with a user base of around 4 million, currently rendering its services in over 40 Indian cities.

When asked about Click Labs, the IIT Delhi graduate Samar Singla explained:

“I have always been fascinated by the innumerable advantages we can bring to the daily activities of the masses by integrating technology in them. Touching lives via technology has always been something I have been keen on. It’s absolutely fascinating how technology can have a huge impact on people like you and me and I just wanted to be a part of that, to see someone benefit from technology. My belief and passion towards creating innovative ways of bringing technology into every household did not cease. Click Labs was established in 2011 and has had a mobile first approach since its inception. We saw a missing link in the market i.e. no proper Solutioning was available for Entrepreneurs and SMBs, either there were very small players in the market who could not cater to the needs or the players were too big to fit in the cost. Another aspect was to master a niche, a trend and extend the offerings.”

Click Labs that develops enterprise grade solutions with focus on mobility, has created footmarks in San Francisco, Seattle, Brisbane, and Chandigarh. The company has ventured into the industry as one of the leading mobile platform development companies with more than 300 clients in its portfolio, including Capital One, Coca Cola, Jugnoo, Iggbo, Red Door Spas and Miniluxe. Backed by a strong record of creating over 300 platforms that handle more than 1 million transactions a month, Click Labs aspires to solve workforce mobility. It also dramatically increases efficiency by providing mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to create an omni channel experience for their customers. With entrepreneurial guidance in mind, Click Labs publishes ebooks and blogs – Juggernaut’s blog, in fact, is regarded as the ‘wikipedia for the On-demand economy’ by many of our prospective clients.

Talking about the company’s culture, Mr. Singla said, “Click Labs enjoys a true startup culture wherein hierarchy doesn’t exist, and we are proud of our open door policy that helps break the ice and gets discussions going about things that actually matter for the growth of the company. People have the freedom to experiment with their roles, transitions are easy, everything is performance based and incentivized to keep the motivation going high.”

Samar Singla, who has always seen failures as learning opportunities, joined CERN in 2008. Here, he designed and built the data acquisition system and programmed nuclear radiation detector stage. He also captured and analyzed the data stream from a nuclear beam falling onto a single Silicon crystal. From CERN he moved to IBM. In 2009 he joined as a Faculty Research Assistant at Center for Advanced Materials and Nano Physics, University of Maryland. There he worked on developing a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance based nuclear polarization technique. He also worked on Magnetic Racetrack Memory in Dr. Stuart Parkin’s group.

In 2010, he introduced Prodigy Foods in India by customizing a novel research process to adapt to Indian conditions. It rapidly became the largest producer of DDGS in India and reached the volumes of 30 metric tonnes a day.

Under the aegis of Samar Singla, Click Labs is slowly transitioning from a service based company to a product based one. The company has seen an 100% YoY bootstrapped growth since its start, and currently employs over 250 employees. As the company has a global presence in tandem with experience, Click Labs doesn’t shy away from experimentation while testing the waters for newer opportunities. It is always minutely tracking trends because when it comes to enterprises, it’s all about timing.

In that vein, they are currently working on a handful of experiments that they won’t be able to disclose right now. With a little patience, you might see them roll out in the market soon.