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CEO Branding : Learn from Surojit’s Desk , Transformation From CEO to CBO (Chief Believe Officer)

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CEO Branding : Learn from Surojit’s Desk , Transformation From CEO to CBO (Chief Believe Officer)

X can assume any value from CTO to CIO to finally CEO.Time is knocking that how CEO can become the CBO (Chief Believe Officer) for an enterprise.

Hello Folks !! We are in a times where image & perception goes hand in hand. The attention time of child to the investment cycle of a venture capitalist very much depends on the pedigree,lineage and the way the CEO projects himself both inside and outside his cabin.

My 1st Question : Why CEO Branding ?

Once we figure out why then How becomes more easy

  • 94% will believe in a company which is under media scrutiny.
  • 88% would recommend the company as a good place to work.
  • 92% would feel confident in a company when the share price dips or stalls.
  • 93% would recommend a company as a good ally or merger prospect.
  • 95% will decide to invest in a company

The key is to create an emotional connect with the stake holder which signifies EQ to be given supreme importance.
People will remain emotionally loyal to the brand that they associate. CEO needless to mention is the face of that brand.

Overall more than 51% reputation of the company depends on the face value of the hired CEO.

After that now Why is Clear now !! We will focus about the How part in my next article till then lets focus on how to enhance the believe system part.

Happy Reading !!

Surojit Saha
Global Executive Coach

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  • Prashant

    Great article Surojit. Eagerly awaiting your follow up on this one.

  • JK Heart

    Hi Surojit. Been trying to get a hold of you. This is Joy Heartwell. Can you send me you new contact number? I want to fly to India and meet you of business talk. 🙂