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Green Feather Business Solutions offers cost effective CRM, ERP & Web Solutions for SMEs

Known for its Real Time Research Driven Technology Solutions,

Green Feather Business Solutions offers cost effective CRM, ERP & Web Solutions for SMEs

Our Staff ● New Delhi

Green Feather Business Solutions is a technology partner of choice for various organizations looking to rapidly grow, transform and lead in today’s challenging business environment. Green Feather Business Solutions has a service portfolio that ranges from the traditional to the transformational – across service lines of several IT Solutions, software development and Business Management Consultancy. The company’s experience across industries of Digital Advertisement Services, Software Development, CRM & ERP Solutions, Managed IT & Networking Solutions, Database Management System and Digital Record Management Services translates into a differentiated value proposition and faster time-to-market for the clients.

Serial and seasoned entrepreneur Sushant M Tripathi laid the foundation stone of Green Feather Business Solutions in the year 2010. Since then, the D&B certified company has been helping hundreds of business companies to make a mark of their own and achieve the loftiest business goals and ambitions. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Green Feather Business Solutions mainly focuses on software development, educational services and provides complete Business Management Consultancy. The firm has made its solutions and services strictly according to the needs and requirements of the clients. Each Software of them solves some business problems in a unique way. Their Human Resource Management System is a cost effective HR Solutions for SMEs. Similarly, their CRM increases the Consumer Understanding within the Team.

Their skilled employees work in challenging world of SMEs and provide the clients real time solutions to:

  1. a) Manage and Optimize The Business – Attendance Management System , Project Management Tool etc.
  2. b) Managed IT services – To help clients preserve their Data and Important Info in a secured Manner.
  3. c) Digital Marketing & CRM– To assist Clients gain more clients by increasing the visibility and widening the presence. At the same time it increases the Client Relationship in a positive manner.
  4. d) Biometric Services & Solutions 
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  • GreenProp- Booking Engines For Property Managers,
  • Business Desk- Customized CRM For Small & Medium Enterprises
  • TravelPedia – Taxi Management System for Travel Providers
  • Logisviva –   Logistics Management System  

Sushant M Tripathi, Director of Green Feather Business Solutions is well versed in software development methodologies, technologies as well as management practices and has proven leadership skills in building high performance teams. Besides, he is also known for his tenacity and firm belief in hard work and dedication in the community of IT entrepreneurs. He always loves challenges and plans to run his company Green Feather Business Solutions without investors. In his own words, “as an entrepreneur I have enjoyed my failure, rejoiced my rejection and openly accepted my mistakes. I have learnt to manage my work within my confined space.”

He has truly been a trailblazer and nurtures the passion to scale new heights of success through empowering business clients. With innovative and cutting edge solutions, he has been accelerating growth of various startups.

There is a huge opportunity and there is a strong demand of IT Services. Businessman, Traditional Enterprises, Manufacturing industry all are open to Transformation via Information Technology.  They just want Right Team and Consultant to guide. We have worked with many good enterprises and successfully worked on many technical projects with our associates.  I personally believe that our Prime Minister has made people to believe and hope for better tomorrow. That was really needed and i feel that it is happening. I hear people discussing about importance of Social Media, How it can be used to Bring Change in any industry and lots more. A Leader must be inspirational. He is the one. – Sushant M Tripathi, Director Green Feather Business Solutions

Being asked to explain the idea behind the name of his organization, Mr. Tripathi said, “Green is the word derived from mid 1930s period of Technology Revolutions. Feather Symbolizes Softness and Business Solutions symbolize anything that a Business needs to stand profitable and optimized. Thus Green Feather Business Solutions is an enterprise which aims to provide Real Time Research Driven Technology Solutions for any kind of business or industry. We maintain and aim to maintain healthy Client Relations and this is our real soft corner. We are emotional at work. We learn, we fail but at the end we bring smile on the face of our Clients.”Under the Director Mr. Tripathi’s stewardship, Green Feather Business Solutions has bagged various prestigious awards. The company owing to its growth in recent times has moved up the Insight Success and Consultant Review’s listing. In coming few years, the company is entering into Corporate Training & Learning and all set to launch a few portals in news & media, commercial leasing services etc. They will be closely working on Technology and its implementation within the SMEs segment and other enterprises. According to them; their focus will be on leveraging more business opportunity for clients by implementing Lead Generations Programs, Hiring and Training Resources which can be fruitful and launching of few B2C portals to generate revenues.

Our uniqueness is Client Relationship. We really don’t work keeping competition in mind. The market is open for all and everyone has right to work for his stability. Let everyone work. As far we are considered or talked, I personally don’t fall in any competition. We are young and still learning. After all, we enjoy- that’s a lot.  – Sushant M Tripathi, Director, Green Feather Business Solutions

The firm’s key endeavor is to help SMEs with a simplified services, products and hassle free solutions with special initiatives. They go extra mile to deliver what their client demands and provide them free Maintenance Services up to one year. So far their growth is based only on revenue generated by projects. The company is one of the most cost effective IT service & Solution providers. Right from the day of inception, their prime idea is to get SMEs sector to understand the importance of IT and how Information Technology can change the way they do the business. Having a track record of helping Govt. Projects, Green Feather Business Solutions has recently developed and deployed a Restaurant Management System to few restaurants in Delhi & NCR. This software allows you to check in restaurants and uses tablets placed on table to place the orders.

What the Clients Say?

Commenting upon the company’s culture and in-house practices, Sushant Tripathi said “We believe in “Employee First” culture, not in employee-boss culture. They are the backbone of our enterprise. They are never treated as employees. It is a team where everyone has a role to play and perform. We work with passion and that all.

Only Client Relationship and willingness to work is the base. Our Clients are our family and most of them are now Close Friends. This has only happened because we are honest in our approach, at times we fail but we don’t stop learning. We accept our mistakes and work smartly to overcome those. We have seen good and bad times always. ”

“We allow our teammates to work from home so that they can spend times with families. This is really important. Family especially mother, father, wife, girlfriend, kids deserve our attention. We work only for them. And so we maintain this rule right from day one of Our Business.

We are Indian and we believe that if we work only a True Indian we will get what we aim. We celebrate festivals and we as team shares each other sorrow and rejoice success. Most of our ex team members are now part of Global Enterprises. It gives me huge satisfaction when i see them now,”Sushant Tripathi expounded.

Have you taken any risk while entire journey of the company? The CEO Magazine threw him the question.

“Life is always at Risk. There are many and there will be many. Risks make the journey full of adventure.  But I would like to bring in knowledge that our Digital Marketing Solutions binds a service level agreement. Under this if we do not deliver 80% of what we promised and Client Did met our expectation as and when required we refund around 75% of Paid Amount to our Client. Till the date we work on this. Thanks to heaven, till now except one or two odd cases there has been no refund,” Mr. Tripathi replied.

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