ShaperJet to bring revolution in 3D Printing in India

ShaperJet to bring revolution in 3D Printing in India

Aditya Gupta ● New Delhi 

Mechanical Engineering graduate Raman Sachdev is an expert in Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping technologies. Before founding 3D Printer company ShaperJet in December of 2015, he worked in manufacturing sector as well as design industry for quiet sometime. His experience and skills make him apt for navigating all the dedicated people at ShaperJet to build the best product for their customers. As the CEO of the company, he develops, establishes, and directs the execution of operating policies to support overall company objectives.

ShaperJet is one of the leading brands in India, manufacturing 3D Printers. The 3D printers can be used by kids, schools, colleges, small enterprises and for personal use. ShaperJet with its simple machines is on a way to equip everyone with a tool to give shape to their ideas. Something that was at somepoint a figment of someone’s imagination can now be brought to life using a ShaperJet 3D Printer.

They make simple and functional Desktop 3D Printers which are easy to use and give great quality prints. The printer prints in PLA thermoplastic, which is a corn based biodegradable plastic. PLA Plastic is developed keeping in mind the 3d printing needs of a household, an institution or an office. Other plastics like ABS are avoided, cause they emit fumes that are hazardous to health.

Apart from the hardware, they offer training programs for students of schools and colleges. ShaperJet is trying to equip every student with this amazing printer.

Their clients include Schools, Maker Spaces, Small Businesses, Architects, Sculptors, Animation Studios, Product Development Companies, Robotics,

Customized Products Manufacturers, Hobbyists and many more.

This New Delhi company has resellers spanned across the country. Their printing technology has been welcomed by the clients like IIT Delhi (Research & Development), Cad Tech Solutions (Product Development and Reverse Engineering),

Own Interiors (Architecture), Proto Development Services (Product Development Company), Banaao (Makerspace) etc. ShaperJet concentrates mostly on the learning, education and hobbiyst verticle and are keen to set up a 3d printing lab in every institution. For institutional needs, they are emerging as a leading brand of printer available in the market today. ShaperJet Basic and ShaperJet LCD are the two models which are priced at Rs 48,000 and Rs 55,000 respectively. Receiving huge response from the market they also plan to launch other models soon which will have bigger build volume named ShaperJet+ and ShaperJet 1000.

In collaboration with, ShaperJet organised India’s first online 3D Design Contest. ShaperJet is amongst the dozen brands throughout the world which is on One can just go online to this 3d files platform and print directly from the cloud on their ShaperJet Desktop 3D Printer. ShaperJet has gained attention of various medias including, 3DPrint Magazine and many other 3d printing blogs.

The company houses a team of five skilled and passionate people who are committed to making all the products the best they can possibly be. All the team members are

extremely dedicated and are working towards developing the best consumer grade 3D Printer ever.

Commenting upon company’s future plan, Raman Sachdev, CEO of ShaperJet said “ The company’s long term plans are to venture into medical, engineering, architecture, fashion and other industries as well. In the future, we look forward to be in everyone’s reach, have a credible reseller network in every city to fulfill the increasing demand of ShaperJet. We also intend to provide more features like an onboard camera for remote access, WiFi and so on. ”