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EIGEN unveils SENSEnuts IoT Smart StreetLight & CCMS

EIGEN unveils SENSEnuts IoT Smart StreetLight & CCMS,

to launch a Smart Agriculture App with Smart Sensors soon!!

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EIGEN is the developer of popular SENSEnuts IoT Hardware/Software platform, which includes connectivity devices, sensors, data collection & visualisation GUI/Mobile app. Witnessing the gap in connectivity of IoT Hardware modules, Smart Sensors and IoT Platforms, EIGEN Technologies Private Ltd., which is a decade old company, started working on wireless network technologies & embedded systems. Together with addressing this gap of connectivity, EIGEN also helps IoT researchers & application developers with complete IoT suite, with end to end stack and well developed SDK, to ease smart application development at affordable cost. The company provides seamless connectivity with modular hardware design, firmware, Middleware & development platform. They are one of the first to indigenously design & develop a very affordable and easy to integrate IoT based Smart Light controllers & CCMS compatible with Range of LED manufacturers.

With domain knowledge in VLSI, Embedded Systems and Wireless Technologies, EIGEN has changed the landscape of its business. EIGEN launched their proprietary WSN/IoT products with brand name “SENSEnuts” three years back. They have also launched “SENSEnuts EnLighten” Smart Streetlight Controllers in third quarter of last fiscal. For the proliferation of IoT in India and preparing required human resource with appropriate technical skills, EIGEN has collaboration with top Universities & research labs of the country to provide state of art IoT infrastructure & advance trainings. Prestigious technical Universities and leading research institutes including IITs, NITs, CEL, ICAR, DRDOs are clients of EIGEN Technologies. EIGEN is also one of the few proud partners of Government of India’s flagship program SMDP run by MCIT & CEERI to provide best EDA tools & Technologies for VLSI manpower development.

Currently the company has strong & cohesive team of around twenty engineers and look to grow fast by next few quarters. EIGEN’s co-founder Pranav Tyagi leads a team of exciting & talented designers with focus on developing the market for SENSEnuts IoT devices & IoT Platform, exciting smart applications for Smart Cities and Smart Homes. With their diverse set of in-house skill set, EIGEN provides its products & services to their clients across different industrial domains.

EIGEN’s services can be categorized into three broader categories. These are :

SENSEnuts IoT suite – Includes IoT devices, Smart Sensors & Platform with cloud integration, Data Collection, visualisation & analysis, Management GUI/Mobile app. These are being used by researchers and application developers for smart automation of Industries, Agriculture, Cities or homes.

SENSEnuts EnLighten Smart Streetlight Controllers – Low power Mesh network based wireless controllers for Streetlights and IoT gateway with WiFi/2G/3G based internet connectivity to Cloud or Server Central Control & Management System(CCMS)

SENSEnuts Wireless Links – Energy efficient battery powered mesh network based wireless links for remote monitoring & data analysis of various wired sensors with legacy protocols RS235, RS485 etc across domains. These devices convert existing sensors to smart wireless sensors connected to cloud or remote server with easy deployment and battery life of months & years.

Recently EIGEN was shortlisted among Top 20 Indian IoT solution providers by an IT Magazine. The company is well recognised and appreciated for it’s IoT products across research & industrial markets,  by top technical universities like IITs, NITS, VIT, Jadavpur, CEL and LED Light manufacturers.

Commenting upon their competition, a spokesperson of EIGEN said “ End to End solution with energy efficient connectivity infrastructure, Firmware, Wireless stack Middleware and Cloud/Server based Central monitoring & data analysis are the sources of revenue of our company. There are not many Indian or even International companies working across whole IoT value chain, but in bits & pieces like few in connectivity hardware radio modules, few in sensors and some in IoT platform. Therefore this give us edge as we are in a unique position to provide complete portfolio from wireless connectivity nodes to internet gateways with cloud analytics or remote server CCMS”.

EIGEN Technologies is busy developing a smart agriculture app integrated with intelligent soil & weather sensors and plan to launch beta in next few months. Such apps are recently under testing in US and target to help farmers with timely irrigation, efficient usage of scarce water availability, or effective pest management to enhance crop productivity per acre and improve farmers economic health. Speaking to The CEO Magazine Mr. Tyagi said “After successfully testing the ongoing Smart Agriculture app, We have plan to enter new markets with innovative & exciting smart applications with energy efficient smart sensors and IoT suite to improve productivity of industrial processes or more glamorous Smart Home consumers. Also We’ll be expanding our presence in the global market in near future.”

Being the co-founder of EIGEN Technologies, Mr. Tyagi has been serving the company right from the day of its inception. He is presently the VP of SENSEnuts IoT Platform & Smart applications. Mr. Tyagi is an Electronics & Communication Engineer to the core and has industry experience of around 14 years across domains both at Middle & Senior management. He started his career as application support engineer for EDA & Simulation tools, and then moved to sales & marketing of various high end design softwares.

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