2:47 pm - Saturday November 25, 2017

Top 10 Keywords which Searched most, to access the Websites

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If my Internet is not working & as it gets connected, the first website I try to open is Google. Today we are around Google, if you are looking for any thing just type your requirement on Google, you will get it all the related details on your screen.

In most of the cases, user don`t know the website or he/she don`t want to type the name of the website to access the respective website, you may also be one among those type of users. Then they type the some keywords to get the respective page of required website.

Do you know, Google is counting the searched keywords on a daily basis, as per the statics of Google. We are listing the top 10 keywords which are searched most, to access the websites.

  1. IRCTC
  2. Cricinfo
  3. Filipkart
  4. PNR Status
  5. HDFC Banking
  6. SBI Online
  7. SSC
  8. IBPS
  9. OLX
  10. Axis Bank

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