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It’s Lisa Srao, who runs her liquor products in the male-dominated Industry in India

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Lisa Srao, Chairman & Managing Director, I Brands Beverages Ltd

It’s Lisa Srao,

Who runs her liquor products in the male-dominated Industry in India

The  CEO Correspondent  Bengaluru

Liquor industry is considered as a male-dominated in India. Woman entrepreneurs do not enter to produce liquor. Even it’s very tough to run liquor business in India. Because for each state, it requires separate registration and excise duty. Many told Srao that she would soon be starting at failure. But expanding her business, Lisa Srao makes her identity in the world of business. As well as her business, she is also involved with various social works.

Married into a family that is closely knitted into the fashion industry, lisa further explains her enthusiasm. To experiment a new life and to bring up her children, she starts her own business in India. She thinks that since the middle class in India is growing, there is huge scope for “international standard quality value-for-money products”.

The brand  I Brands Beverages was founded in 2008. The company launched products — two whisky and one rum brands — two years later across several states, including Punjab, Haryana, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh and Pondicherry. Now they are planning to sell products abroad. Presently the company sells  the flagship product Three Royals whisky besides Granton (whisky) and the “Jamaican-flavoured” rum brand,

 Rum99. I Brands Beverages has been awarded the Best

“The middle class in India is growing, there is huge scope for “international standard quality value-for-money products.” – Lisa Srao

Lisa is an astute business woman with an enterprising spirit and is known for her profound marketing genius that she acquired as a media professional back in UK. Lisa has worked in some of the leading media organizations such Startup Company at the Spiritz 2014 Awards last year.

as News Corporation, Vivendi Universal and Viacom. Apart from her strong business acumen, Lisa has a conspicuous fashion sensibility. Lisa has a taste for international designers and loves Chanel handbags, Christian Louboutin & Prada shoes, Helmut Lang jumpers, Tom Ford sunglasses and Diane von Furstenberg Tees.

Lisa was born & raised in UK and moved to India in 2003 following her marriage. Exposed to liquor brands launched by her father in U.K including the Double Dutch beer, Lisa had long been inspired by the alcohol beverage industry. This charismatic mother of two is one of the few women in the country to run alcoholic beverage company on this scale, managing to stay afloat in the male dominated industry.

Lisa truly defines her style at work. When not juggling between a high-powered job and her kids, she enjoys painting, listening to music and travelling. She strongly takes part in charity work supporting causes for women and education for the girl child.

The Punjabi-origin, UK-bred, The visionary entrepreneur also wants to promote women empowerment in the country. In the management, marketing and finance departments of her firm, she has placed female employees. She also encourages them and gives facilities like flexi-work-hours, work-from-home etc.

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